Limeroad Website Review; My Online Shopping Experience

Have you ever tried ‘browse shopping’?

It’s one of my favorite pastimes!

I’ve been a window shopping addict all my life. But now with a 10 month old daughter, who keeps me CHIEFLY grounded at home, I have discovered the fun of ‘browse shopping’ at online shopping websites.

No wonder, ‘fill the shopping cart’ has become like a game that I love to play daily. And this afternoon I’d been playing it over at Limeroad website. I was on the look-out for a new pair of sunglasses online after losing both of my previous sunglasses on a recent trip to Goa. Since I keep losing my sunglasses all the time, I never like to spend much on them.

Now we all know Limeroad is popular for trendy stuff that is reasonably priced as well. So I logged on to and selected the category for ‘Sunglasses’ under ‘Accessories’ section on top bar menu. I was quickly taken to a colorful page filled with fashionable shades and eye-catching looks created with using different sunglasses.

Since, I was in no mood to splurge I filtered my search to a price range of 0-499. Among a plethora of options, my gaze fell on bug-eye sunglasses by Viaano. I liked the purplish tint and sleek shape of these sunglasses. Also, the product was on heavy discount. The original price of these sunglasses is 1299 but at, you can buy this pair of shades in as less as INR 499!

So without wasting much time I put the sunglasses in my cart and triggered the deal. I received my product within a week’s time from the date of ordering. It was a pleasant surprise as I wasn’t expecting such a fast delivery. The product came secure inside a cardboard box wrapped in an attractive lemon colored plastic bag.

Limeroad Website Review; My Online Shopping Experience

Limeroad Website Review; My Online Shopping Experience

Limeroad Website Review; My Online Shopping Experience


Limeroad Website Review; My Online Shopping ExperienceWhile, I keep shopping online for different stuff, this was my first online shopping experience with Strange as it may seem but it’s true, I have filled, emptied and then filled my cart again countless times for staples like clothes and accessories but never happened to pull the trigger. I had heard some nightmare stories from friends about shopping online at and this formed an apprehension in my about this site.

So I’m glad that my first shopping experience with has turned to be good and I have some positive things to share. Though I must confess, I was a little afraid initially about the quality of the product but the high quality sunglasses that I received cleared all my doubts.

So overall, my first shopping experience with was fun. I loved the quality and look of the sunglasses I ordered online. And this positive experience also helped me change my previous negative opinion about the site. The site also brings some great deals online, especially the B1G1 offer, where you buy one product and get other absolutely free!

If you too haven’t shopped anything online from, this is a great time to shop as the site is having its big Summer Sale going on. So go girls, get more for less. All the best and happy shopping.

Written by Anshulika Chawla


  1. I;ve shopped from Limeroad couple of times and I have love the products they stock.

  2. Nice coolers!!

  3. Manisha at Reply

    So how did you like your glasses? DM your picture with it 😀

  4. Vasudha Nagpal at Reply

    All products are looking awesome.

  5. peter at Reply

    My Dad asked me to buy a Gown for my Sister birthday. So, I placed an order from the Limeroad. With the help of Deals from the Saveplus site. I got 83% Off on my order. Thank You!

  6. Rachita at Reply

    Not a trust worthy site.

    I received a scrap material instead of Kurti I ordered for. Please be careful as there is no support from customer care team. They’re not giving on time reply as well as they’re not accepting their fault.. They not refunded my money, I was following with them more than a month. And ended with ridiculous reply at end. It was very irritataing.

    Be careful with this type frayd n trap.

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