vahdam tea - spiced masala chai

As Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, I thought I’d rather do a non-beauty-related post and invite you over to a tea date. Yes, a tea date – where you can forget about the world and talk about things big and small, close to your heart, while I serve you some tepid tea.

The kettle is on and I can hear it about to sing. Any guesses on which tea I am going to brew for us today? There’s a 99% chance you’d say that I am going to serve black Assam tea in chai style. And that’s right, the standard Indian masala chai has been my favourite since childhood.

All my tender age morning memories are laced with the pleasing aroma of creamy cardamom chai brewed by my mother. Even as a young child of seven, I knew from my first sip – that the sweet, fragrant drink was so much more than its taste.

It was a medium through which I experienced something more meaningful – a powerful connection with my mother and sister as we sat together with our ‘chai’ at the family tea time. Still today, tea makes me feel connected not only with those around me but to me as well.

And when tea connects me to me, it becomes a very meditative kind of experience. No wonder, I am always on the lookout for blends that can transport me from a life in motion to a spell of stillness. The one luxury mix I am particularly enjoying these days is Vahdam India’s Vanilla Spiced Masala Chai Tea.

vahdam tea - vanilla spiced chai tea

If you haven’t heard about the brand, let me first spill the tea. Well, Vahdam is India’s first award-winning sustainable and ethical wellness tea brand bringing India’s finest teas to consumers globally. By sourcing their teas directly from tea growers in India and cutting the middlemen to sell exclusively online, the brand ensures you get the best prices for the freshest, highest-quality teas.

They have so many great options both for tea beginners and connoisseurs. The ones I have fallen in love with are Vanilla Spiced Masala Chai Tea, Earl Grey Citrus Black Tea, Hibiscus Rose Herbal Tea, and Turmeric Chamomile Herbal Tea. While the first two make for a delicious morning wake-up call, the last one is great before bed.

It’s my morning routine to brew a very strong cup of black Indian masala chai before I fire up my laptop and get on with the day. This was the first tea variety I ever tried and it got me hooked. I’ve been drinking tea this tea for over three decades now. The aroma of the spices is naturally uplifting. Just a whiff of this tea makes me feel good and stimulated.

Other than the run-of-the-mill Indian original masala chai, my other two preferred masala tea blends are:

Earl Grey Masala Black Tea

One of my roommates in the college hostel, with whom I often had tea and scrabble nights turned me on to this zingy-flavoured tea. It was Twinning’s Earl Grey tea. And because it has less caffeine, it quickly became my evening go-to tea.

vahdam tea - earl grey masala spiced black tea

Of all the Earl Grey tea blends I’ve tried, Twinning’s remained my favourite until I discovered Vahdam Earl Grey Masala Black Tea, which is a spicy take on the classic Earl Grey. While the blend combines India’s finest black tea with premium bergamot oil, the mix becomes a touch more Indian with the sweet and malty wafts of cooling mint and light punches of pepperiness and hints of cedar.

The taste is mellow with balanced and ambient astringency and sweetness, in tune with vivacious notes of sharp ginger and pepper at the edges, and a lingering sweetness of cinnamon and cloves at the end.

Vanilla Spiced Masala Chai Tea

Every winter I hoard and stockpile a few boxes of Vanilla flavoured tea. And the box, ruling my tea cabinet this chilly season is the Vahdam India Vanilla Spiced Masala Chai Tea. This tea is SO me as Vanilla + cinnamon is my favourite flavour combination in baked goods. Plus, this black tea has cute little cardamom and clove sprinkles.

I feel so warm and hearty drinking this tea in the evening. My kids also enjoy an occasional cup of this tea on cold, nippy days. I often pair this tea with a slice of cake or oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for added fun. It is also a perfect morning tea and I sometimes have these cookies for breakfast, when I don’t feel like eating or plan on an early lunch.

While, I am also fond of the divine floral infusions with my favourites being Rose, Chamomile and Hibiscus, I find I lean more towards the stronger caffeinated steeps. I just love the way, the fragrance and the taste change with each steep. So, I think it’s all about the taste and the feeling.

True, I began drinking tea just to share a few moments of togetherness with my mother and sister but I continued drinking and loving tea for its taste and succour. I find solace in a cup of tea. The aromatic, flavourful drink reminds me that life is not always about striving and achieving. It’s also about connecting and calming down.

It reminds me that blogging is my hobby and my passion, and even if my blog is not making as much money as it should be, it’s okay to chill and enjoy the moment. So, girls that was about me and my sweet relationship with tea.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my tea talk as much as I loved it sharing with you. Now it’s your turn to do me a favour and tell me about your favourite tea or tea brands. And if you’re a coffee girl, I’d love to listen to your bean story. Please share your thoughts and feelings in the comments below.

Written by Anshulika Chawla

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