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Ireland is a country filled with rich history and culture. Irish inhabitants are usually associated with St. Patrick’s Day, the green leprechaun, and a four-leaved clover. The world definitely has a misconstrued view of the country and its inhabitants. One thing is for sure when you visit the country – Irish women have an exquisite sense of style and fashion.

More specifically, they love wearing pilgrim style jewellery and watches. Not green tights and big bulky hats like many outlanders might have guessed. In September 1620, Pilgrims who were seeking religious freedom left the shores of England on a voyage to freedom. They took a detour around Cape Cod and later in December landed at Plymouth Harbor. This group of people were unique in that they didn’t follow any written rules. Check out this link for more information on Pilgrim history: https://www.history.com/topics/colonial-america/pilgrims.

It’s because of their unique style and viewpoints that they broke away from traditional English dresses and jewellery and created their own. Today, many modern Irish women love to wear jewellery inspired by this small group of people. One might wonder whether it’s just the beauty of the pieces that attract Irish women, or does the true love stretch a bit deeper?

Let’s look at the reasons why women love the Pilgrim Jewellery and Watch range.

It Fits Perfectly into a Bohemian Style

Irish women who love to wear boho style clothing love Pilgrim jewelry. This is because it features colors, motifs, and designs that fit in with the Boho-chic vibe. Combined with a throw, loose curls, and open-toed sandals Pilgrim jewelry and watches fit the bill perfectly.

Colors usually range from earthy browns, bronzes, and oranges to golds and yellows.

What it Represents

With the world becoming even more colder by the day, people are in a great need for finding something that they actually feel connected to. Many millennials are opting for unique pieces that are custom designed rather than buying a load of duplicate pieces from a wholesaler.

Pilgrim jewellery represents the journey the historical people went on. It’s a symbol for looking for something new. A means to live a different life than that put forward by a society. It’s a representation of someone who loves going on adventures and finding new ways to live and look at life.

Pilgrims wanted to break free from what society was telling them to believe. They broke free by jumping on a ship and escaping. Many Irish women might feel a bit trapped because of how the world perceives them. Wearing jewellery that represents something authentic and different is a great way of expression and breaking out of the mould.

pilgrim jewellery

It’s Versatile

Whether you are looking for a bulky ring or a dainty necklace, this type of jewelry can be found in many different types. Rings and bracelets are designed to be stacked with other types of jewelry or to be worn as individual statement pieces.

They can be dressed down for a casual day out at the market or dressed up for a formal dinner with work. No matter what the occasion, they are versatile and will fit in with any event.

Furthermore, Irish women have even been seen wearing Pilgrim inspired jewelry to their own weddings in the countryside. This is because the pieces also obtain a rustic, earthy, and natural feel.


Irish women are known for their authenticity and originality. It’s because of this fact that they love unique pieces that there aren’t loads of. An Irish lady will rather pay a few extra pounds for a handmade piece of furniture or clothing than buying a bunch of cheap replicas.

One thing about Pilgrim jewellery is that it’s handmade with care and passion. Almost all pieces are uniquely designed and created using different types of metals. Having a choice between silvers and golds are any girl’s dreams because it makes the outfit possibilities that much greater. Read this article for more information on metals used to create unique pieces.

There you have it, Irish women aren’t just all about green shirts and clovers, they hold a special beauty that is enhanced by their favourite pieces of jewellery.

Written by Anshulika Chawla


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