how to find the best communion dress for your little girl

This day is a special day and you will obviously want to make it special for your little girl, right? One of the ways you can do so for her is by, getting her the perfect dress for the occasion. We are going to help you through that by giving you a guideline and tips you can use to find the best communion dress for your little girl.

The General Rules For a Communion Attire

Since the ceremony is a religious event;

  • The dress must be appropriate.
  • The dress should be white or ivory.
  • The accessories should not be overdone.
  • Remember, first to ask your church’s leaders if there are any dress codes to be followed because rules may differ depending on different traditions and regions.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Communion Dress:

1. Length

Ensure the length of the dress is appropriate. The dress should not be so short since it is a religious ceremony. The right length should be probably be a knee length. An ankle dress is also a great option to go for, especially if the weather condition is cold. You do not want your girl to shiver and catch a cold just because you want her to look stylish, do you?

2. Size of the Dress

In case you are buying a ready made dress online or from a shop, then first, you have to take the correct measurements of your girl’s body size.

The following are the required measurements you should have;

  • Bust
  • This is the wideness of the chest section under the armpits.
  • Waist
  • This is the measurement above the belly button.
  • Hips
  • It should be meausred around the whole point of the seat.
  • Shoulder to Hem
  • This is the measurement taken from the shoulder to the hemline’s end. This measurement brings out the length of the dress.
  • Height
  • It is the measurement from the top of the head to the ground. It should be taken while the girl is standing straight.

3. Fabric

A dress could be made of lace, silk, lie, cotton or organza. If you want a fuller dress, the best fabric to go for is, organza since it is made of silk, sheer and a stiff net. Laces are more fashionable and most adults prefer laces therefore, you can choose to wear the same fabric as same as hers. You are welcome for the idea!

choosing best communion dress for little girl

4. Choose a Shop Preferred By Your Girl

Remember, this is all about making your girl happy. Therefore, ask for her opinion on where she wants her dress to be brought from. There are many shops that sell elegant gowns, for example, you can get unique holy communion gowns from You can also get her opinion on the size, length and style she wants for her dress. This makes ensures that she feels comfortable in the dress during the event.

At the end of the day, you want your girl to feel beautiful, be confident and be comfortable in her dress during the communion ceremony. Therefore, take as much time as you can to get the best communion dress for her. Involve her in your decision making. This will not only make her feel beautiful on that day but also she will feel so loved by you!



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