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My name is Anshulika.

I am a freelance writer, skincare maniac, makeup hoarder, avid reader, coffee addict, tea connoisseur, day dreamer and a doting mother.

I’ve studied English Literature along with Journalism & Mass Communications. I have worked as a writer, journalist, & editor both in Mumbai and Ludhiana, where I currently live. While, I enjoyed my corporate job as an editor, I realized my passion and fulfillment lay in freelance writing. Eventually, I quit my regular job and started working as a freelance writer from my home.

I wrote about travel, technology, fitness and health for various publications, but gradually found myself more and more immersed in beauty and fashion writing. Which was quite natural, because ever since I remember, I’ve loved all things pretty and feminine.

The color pink stimulates me and beauty products enliven my spirit. I still remember the time – how I felt butterflies in my stomach walking up the local shop nearby my home to buy my first lip balm. It was just an ordinary Vaseline lip balm and I was 13 at the time!

I started this blog Road2beauty in July 2013 to chronicle my adventures and experiences with different beauty products. And it’s by far one of the best decisions I’ve made. Not only do I love sharing my thoughts with you all but I’ve also met some really wonderful people on this journey.

I always believed that by following a good skincare regimen and using the right makeup products, anyone can look beautiful. But wow, so wrong was I! At the start of 2017, right after my 36th birthday, I got diagnosed with an auto-immune disease – Rheumatoid Arthritis, which completely changed my outlook towards life and belief about beauty and health.

As I struggled with health and beauty, I realized the idea of beautiful has less to do with merely looking beautiful on the outside but more to do with what you have to look at to feel beautiful. So I began to seek a lifestyle that would support my belief and help me recover faster from the ravages of my illness.

Thinking positive and being in touch with my feminine side has helped me – as it will anyone – look and feel confident in my own skin. True, using right beauty products and making wise food choices is important to look beautiful but so is keeping a healthy and happy outlook towards life.

This positive lifestyle has opened a new chapter in my life –

My belief: Most of unhappiness stems from looking and feeling less than your best. And to be truly beautiful all you need is love and love is all you need!

So when I’m not cruising the net for some new fancy skincare ingredient or writing about it here on the blog, you can find me chilling out with Manish (my partner in life and crime!), running after my two naughty little kids, and brewing my favorite masala tea before settling down to devour my latest purchase from Amazon bestseller books!

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Road2beauty blog

Road2beauty decidedly started as an amateur, free wordpress.com blog with no monetization plans, no big disclosures and no chief aim or mission, other than to share my love and experience of using different beauty products!

It all grew organically and it’s one of the best happenings of my life!

Thanks to all your love and support, Road2beauty today stands among the top beauty blogs both in India and globally with over …… two million plus unique visits and more than ……four million plus page views since July 2013!. Also proudly top skin care blog in India !

What the blog is about?

While the blog is primarily a fixture in the skincare niche, we do cover all the topics concerning leading a healthy and beautiful lifestyle. We at Road2beauty believe that every woman is beautiful and unique in her own self and has something special to contribute.

Using the right beauty products, following a healthy lifestyle and practicing the power of positive thinking any woman can transform herself into her best physical and emotional self.

So besides skincare super-heroes, in-depth beauty product reviews, skin treatments and service reviews, skincare tips & secrets, we also feature well-researched articles on skincare, health, fashion and lifestyle, latest beauty news & tips, and all the general life trivia.

Hope you have fun reading & surfing Road2beauty.com. And if any of you have any questions on this, please don’t hesitate to ask – Your comments and views aren’t just welcome; they are adored!

Feel free to comment or simply write to us at contactroad2beauty@gmail.com

What the blog is not?

The blog is just a personal beauty blog written and edited by me. And all the views & opinions expressed on this site are author’s own and are provided for general guidance, information and inspiration purpose only.

The blog is in no way a substitute for dermatological, medical or any other expert advice and you are always advised to seek the advice of a doctor, dermatologist or suitable professional should you have any such concerns. For more information on this, please refer to the Disclaimer on this blog.