Raksha Bandham Makeup

Raksha Bandhan is just around the corner. And so is the fun, celebration, and family time. Whether you are connecting with your family over a group video call or getting together in real-time; the occasion is special and calls for proper preparation.

Raksha Bandham MakeupFrom casually impressing your bro to winning over your parents, you have the whole plan ready in your mind. You have already purchased your Rakhi or sent your Rakhi to India (for siblings who stay far away), decked up your thali with bro’s favourite sweets, laid out the perfect outfit for the day and carefully selected your jewellery, what next?


Yes, you guessed it right.

After all, what good is any occasion without a “festive face”? And so you gear up to gather all your slaying weapons in pursuit of nailing that perfect festive look. Isn’t it?

raksha bandhan makeupHold on.

You need to read this before you take out your beauty armour.

Despite the plethora of advice on the internet, numerous makeup ideas, looks & tutorials and no matter how great you are at your art, there are certain things about Raksha Bandhan Makeup that most of us happen to do the wrong way.

We know what you’re thinking now.

So without any further ado, check out these top five makeup mistakes that most girls are making in doing their Raksha Bandhan makeup and see if you too are guilty of them or not.

Five Common Raksha Bandhan Makeup Mishaps

There are many common makeup mistakes but Raksha Bandhan being a special family occasion falling in summer month presents its own unique set of makeup mishaps. And the last thing we want on a special occasion is a makeup meltdown.

1. You are doing too much

If you’re a beauty queen worth your salt you would naturally jump at any opportunity to get all glam and dolled up and if it’s a festive occasion, there’s certainly no stopping you.

We understand feeling both festive and fab is your goal, but given Raksha Bandhan is a cosy family occasion that is mostly celebrated at home, a full-on heavy makeup look becomes conspicuous.

It’s okay to go all intense and smoky for festivals like Diwali, parties and even date nights but for Raksha Bandhan, an elegant and simple minimalist look works best.

raksha bandhan makeup

2. You are skipping on skincare

Raksha Bandhan is a morning function and if you’re a last-minute diva there’s every possibility to skip on the skin prep and jump straight to the task. While skin prep is essential to both long term beauty goals and short term makeup application, the entire 3 step CTM routine sometimes feel daunting, overwhelming and time-consuming.

A great tip in such a scenario is to pick multi-tasking products, like a toner that cleanses and hydrates as well. So you get all the benefits sans the extra steps and time. Here are some more tips and hacks to save time on your beauty routine and get ready fast.

3. You are forgetting the primer

raksha bandhan makeupWe know you are a pro but summer heat and humidity can put a lot of us in a tough spot when it comes to makeup and looks you intend to create. Sure, you want to create that dewy, perfect bronzed glow look but if you’re forgoing the primer there’s every possibility of you looking like a battered disco ball beaten by tomentous sun and suffocating humidity!

Using a mattifying primer beneath your foundation would not only keep oil at bay but also help you look fresh and glowing all day sans any unwanted shine and grime.

4. You are overdoing the shimmer

We know it’s a special occasion. We know it’s close to your heart. We know you want to scream sparkles. But everything is good in moderation. Instead of using a whole chunk of glitter products all over your face, it’s best to highlight just one feature.

So if you’re using a bronzer with a glitter, keep your lips and eyes matte and muted. And if you’re going in for a shimmery shadow, a matte blusher should do the trick. This way you’ll still glisten but without the overload.

5. You are going totally bare face

While we don’t recommend heavy foundations, intense looks for a family occasion like Raksha Bandhan, we also don’t recommend you go bare face altogether.

We totally understand you’re a no-makeup gal but a last-minute simple look that you can easily do in the morning and call it day isn’t going to cost you too much. All you need to do is wear a tinted moisturizer, apply a light lip gloss, stroke of a liner and you’re good to go!

After all, it’s a special occasion and you need to look put together for the family photos.

Have you ever made these makeup mistakes? Trust us, we’ve also been there! Sometimes we have to learn the hard way and make the mistake before realizing we did something wrong.

Written by Anshulika Chawla

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  1. As a boy, I know how tough it is for some girls to makeup, But you make it very simple for those girls who don’t know much more about makeup.

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