Best Makeup Looks for Spring 2018

The upcoming spring will bring along a lot of new and exciting makeup looks, and we’re sure you can’t wait to try them out. Therefore, we’ve decided to share with you our favourite ones that will become a true craze in the spring of 2018. We’re sure that they’ll help you get some inspiring ideas and create your own spring makeup style. Let’s take a look.

Glittery black eyeliner

glittery eyeliner Best Makeup Looks for Spring 2018Black eyeliner is a classic choice and it certainly won’t go anywhere this spring either. However, every season brings a new variation of it, and this spring, the name of the game will definitely be glitter. You can already see models wearing this sexy glittery black eyeliner. Additionally, the best thing about this look is that it’s super easy to pull off. You just need to apply a regular black eyeliner, put some gloss on it to serve as glue and then apply your favourite sparkly eyeshadow. You’ll be surprised to see how such a small detail can make a huge change.

Healthy and fresh

Best Makeup Looks for Spring 2018Another trend that has gained quite a lot in popularity recently, and it seems it’s bound to stay in the spotlight this spring, is neutral makeup that accentuates your natural beauty. So, if you like this idea, all you need to do is go for a subtle eyeshadow that will add some glow to your eyes and buy a quality peachy liquid blush essential for achieving this amazing, healthy and fresh look. Finally, you can either leave your lips naked, or apply a neutral lip gloss.

Accentuated Eyes

Best Makeup Looks for Spring 2018This spring will definitely be all about highlighting the eyes. This trend has already been ultra-popular in Australia for quite some time. Therefore, it’s not surprising that women have gone crazy for the amazing eyelash extensions in Sydney. The specialists performing this procedure take your face and eye shape into account making the extensions fit you perfectly and thus look completely natural. Finally, this option is particularly popular in Australia because of the everlasting summer which makes it difficult for women to keep their mascaras looking neat. However, they will come in handy no matter where you live since you’ll finally be able to ditch the mascara and enjoy having beautiful eyelashes without spending an hour every morning trying to make them look perfect.

Bold and bright Eye shadows

Best Makeup Looks for Spring 2018According to the Pantone’s latest report, Ultra Violet is the colour of the year, so don’t be surprised if exactly this nuance becomes the trendiest choice regarding eyeshadows during the upcoming spring. Its mysterious but bold character will accentuate your eyes making them truly pop. Additionally, deep indigo and bright green hues have been seen on several fashion shows, so it seems that the spring of 2018 will encourage you to be bolder than ever with your makeup style.

Smudged lips

Best Makeup Looks for Spring 2018Finally, the last trend for the upcoming spring is smudged lips that have recently become a true craze all around the world. Sounds interesting? Aside from looking completely unconventional and wild, this makeup look is extremely practical since you won’t have to bother with drawing perfect lines around your lips anymore. On top of that, this style has an exceptionally raw quality which contributes to the natural look. Finally, the best way to wear such makeup is with bare eyes since you want all the attention to be on your seductive lips.

As you can see, the spring of 2018 will bring many chic makeup styles that will make you look sexier than ever. You just need to be ready to experiment a bit in order to find the look that will suit you best. Finally, you’re always welcome to bring in certain changes and create something truly unique.


Written by Sophia Smith

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