balance pH levels pf the skin

Naturally, the human body has a way of regulating the overall body pH. This is despite the fact that only the blood’s pH remains constant in human beings. As such, it is important to answer the question: which is better for skin high alkalinity or high acidity. To answer that question, researchers have been able to establish that a balanced body pH is an essential ingredient for a glowing and smooth skin surface.

If you suspect that your body is too acidic, alkalizing it will come in handy to help neutralize the acidity and create the desired equilibrium in the body. This equilibrium is usually maintained at a pH level of 7.365. Body alkalizing is the process of taking deliberate measures to help reduce your body’s acidity by consuming more foods that are alkaline.

How does skin alkalinity benefit people with skin issues? And how to balance pH levels of the skin?

Numerous benefits accrue to people who alkalinize their body. Here are some of the notable benefits associated with alkalized skin as well as a review of why skin alkalinity is best for you:

• It helps keep your skin smooth and glowing. Who doesn’t want glowing skin! Almost each one of us would be willing to do everything in their power to enhance the appearance of our skin. Unknown to a majority of people, alkalizing your body can play a vital role in improving skin appearance. When your diet is made of alkaline foods, you will reduce acidity in your body, and this would help kill the bacteria that live below the skin surface. Elimination of bacteria helps your skin grow and regenerate to give you a soft, beautiful look.

• Alkaline foods help improve the amount of magnesium in the body, an element that is necessary for fighting skin inflammation. Skin inflammation is attributable to high levels of acidity in the body that lead to reduced magnesium levels. Magnesium is used by the body to dilute the acidity and create an alkaline environment for optimal body functioning. By alkalizing your body, there will be no need for magnesium reserves to be used to neutralize acidity. This means that it will be sufficient to fight inflammation of the skin. The result is a skin surface devoid of any swelling or redness.

• Acidity inhibits the natural functioning of the skin, something that would impede the natural rejuvenation of the skin. In its natural condition, the skin can refresh itself, although an acidic environment would hamper this function. By alkalizing your body, you will allow the skin cells to be healthier and function at an optimum level. This makes it possible for the skin to repair damaged cells and restore its smoothness. Regeneration helps minimize signs of ageing and removes toxins from the skin, thus giving you radiant and smooth skin.

• Alkalinity helps build muscles and strong bones. For your skin to appear healthy, it needs to be attached firmly to your muscles. Increased acidity in the body will inhibit this since it will reduce muscle mass and weaken the bones. Alkalizing your body allows you to enhance your muscles, thus enabling the skin to get attachment surface. More muscle mass will give you even healthier and firmer skin.

• Alkalinity plays a role in improving your overall body immunity. An acidic environment is favourable for disease-causing fungi and bacteria. Magnesium is a vital nutrient in the body and its deficiency would lead to malfunctioning of various body systems. If the body is affected and cannot absorb vitamin D properly from the sun, its immunity is reduced, thus exposing the skin and other body parts to diseases.

• Some skin issues are directly related to the acidity in your body, which means that you can eliminate them by alkalizing your body. To determine if your skin issue is related to body acidity, you need to carry out a simple experiment. You can start by reducing the intake of acidic foods such as beef, soft drinks, fried foods, and sugar. Replace such foods with alkaline foods like natural juices, natural sugar, fruits, and vegetables. If there is a noticeable change, then its time you changed your diet.

How to Change Alkalinity in Skin

balance pH levels pf the skin

Do you wish to reduce acidity in your body and enhance alkalinity? If you are, here are ways that can help you alkalize skin:

• Increase the amount of good fat in your diet. Although many people often associate fat with bad health, it is imperative to note that they are necessary for optimal body functioning. This is because healthy fats are essential in supplying the body with the necessary amino-acids such as Omega-3s. When your body has adequate healthy fats, it will remain hydrated for a long time. This will give it a shiny look and reduce its redness.

• Minimize sugar intake as much as possible. If you want to alkalize your body, the first food you should cut from your diet is anything with high quantities of sugar. Sugar can lead to different skin conditions such as acne, skin redness, and other skin conditions. To enjoy flawless skin, therefore, you need to minimize its intake. You can substitute sugar with foods rich in natural sugars such as fruits and vegetables. This will reduce skin inflammation and enhance skin firmness to give you the skin tone you always desire.

• Avoid fried and processed foods. For many years now, you have been told to avoid junk and processed food but you have always laughed it off. If you want to alkalize your body, however, you must be willing to do away with these kinds of food. This is because processed food can stimulate the body to produce more oil, which clogs your pores. If your skin cannot excrete wastes naturally through sweating, it will develop pimples as it tries to get rid of wastes. With time, your skin will become rough due to the presence of pimples.

• Minimize soft drinks and replace them with natural juice and alkaline water. If you love drinking soft drinks like soda, you’ll need to adopt a new habit. This is because soft drinks have high acidity with a pH value of between 2 and 3.5. Once you take them, therefore, the body has to neutralize them. If your body uses most of its magnesium reserves to regulate your body pH due to increased acidity, there will be little left to rejuvenate your skin.

Do the math and start making healthy decisions by drinking natural juices and more water for firmer and more radiant skin. Some products help fight acidity in your skin by creating or maintaining an alkaline environment. Organic skincare by sond is one of the organic products that can help you change the alkalinity of your skin. You could try it out today to start enjoying its benefits.

Written by Anshulika Chawla

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