nasty ingredients in skin care products

How many ingredients are in your favourite skincare product? If you have an idea, are you aware that some of these ingredients are outrightly nasty and toxic to your skin and body? Now more than ever, you are bombarded with endless beauty products that claim to transform your skin for the better. Navigating through the maze of skincare products to find ideal products is critical.

Bad ingredients do not just ruin your beauty, but they can affect your whole body as well. Many nasty skincare ingredients have carcinogenic characteristics. In this respect, getting the right information helps you choose products that suit you. This article chronicles a top list of 5 harmful ingredients found in many skincare products.

Nasty ingredients in skin care products

  1. Drying alcohols

A beauty product that dries your skin is very harmful. It causes flakiness while eating away at your skin. Over time, your skin renewal cycle is ruined and you end up with thin, unhealthy skin. The most common culprit when it comes to skin dryness is drying alcohol.

There are two main kinds of alcohol used in skincare. You find drying alcohols and fatty alcohols. Just as the name suggests, drying alcohol is most harmful to the skin. Some examples of this nasty ingredient include methanol, ethanol, SD alcohol, ethyl alcohol, denatured alcohol and others. Using skincare products with these ingredients will do more harm than good to your skin.

Having said this, fatty alcohols are more gentle on your skin. They do not cause the severe drying effect on the skin. When used properly, fatty alcohols help in proper product absorption. Therefore, you must be able to tell the difference between good and bad alcohol.

With all this in mind, some people with sensitive skin do not tolerate even fatty alcohol in their skincare products. Therefore, know your skin type and see how you react to fatty alcohols. If you are prone to excessive drying and have sensitive skin, it is better to avoid all kinds of alcohol for better skin health.

nasty ingredients in skin care products

2. Artificial scents and fragrances

We all love skin and beauty products that smell heavenly. A good scent is inviting and will rejuvenate your spirit. However, artificial or man-made scents and aromas do more harm to your skin and body. Most beauty products have manufactured scents that are mainly derived from coal and petroleum chemicals.

The ingredients have been proven to irritate not just the skin but the nose as well. Respiratory problems get worse when exposed to these artificial fragrances. In some people, allergic reactions will result after being exposed to the scents.

Skincare product manufacturers find it cheaper to use artificial fragrances. Natural scents are expensive to extract making them costly for manufacturers. Beware of skin care products labelled ‘natural’ while in actual fact they are not.

The best alternative scents are those derived from natural sources. Essential oil scents deliver the best quality fragrance that does not harm your skin and body. Natural scents are also more pleasant to give you high-quality aromatherapy. Take time to consider whether you are feeding your skin with the right scents and fragrances.

3. Parabens

Parabens are by far the most common harmful ingredients found in skincare products. They are used as preservatives to ward away the growth of bacteria and fungi. While they increase the shelf life of beauty products, they may undermine your health.

Parabens are known hormone disruptors which mimic the role of estrogen in the body. In this respect, they have been linked to fertility issues as well as breast cancer. There are all kinds of parabens including propylparabens, methylparabens, butyl parabens and more.

Even though they are natural organic compounds, using them in your skincare routine is not a good idea. They can be found in face cleansers, foundation, shampoo, body wash and more. Switching to paraben-free skincare products is the best thing to do. The market is full of good alternatives as you will find out later in this article.

4. Formaldehyde (and substances that release it)

Formaldehyde is a colourless gas in its pure form. It is usually used as formalin after being mixed with water. In many skincare products, substances that release formaldehyde gas are used. It is used as a preservative to discourage bacterial growth in beauty products.

The most common formaldehyde releasers include bronopol, Diazolidinyl urea, quaternion-15; the list goes on. This nasty ingredient is actually banned in Europe. It is a known carcinogen, irritant and allergen. It has been linked to liver problems, joint pains, headaches, dermatitis and more. The U.S National Toxicology program and The International Agency for Research on Cancer have classified this ingredient as a carcinogen.

These ingredients, as well as the substances that release it, are found in hair dyes, bubble baths, liquid baby soaps, bath lotions, hair treatments, nail products among many others. Even low levels of this ingredient can cause coughing, rashes, burning eyes, respiratory problems and even nausea.

5. Phthalates

This horrid ingredient is mainly found in lipstick, fragrance, perfume, eyelash glue, hair spray; among others. Phthalates do not just disrupt hormones but they are suspected carcinogens. They are especially toxic for pregnancy and have been linked to birth defects especially in male babies.

They have also been seen to reduce sperm count and play a role in polycystic ovarian syndrome. This nasty ingredient is an offender on so many levels. The ingredients to look for are DEP, DMP, DEHP, DBP and more. It is worth mentioning that the European Union has banned a variety of phthalates.

The best products for your skin

With all the above in mind, the best skin care products are those that are free from parabens, phthalates and artificial fragrances. In fact, natural skincare products that are free from all nasty and toxic ingredients are ideal.

nasty ingredients in skin care products

So, where do you find such natural and pure products?

Utama Spice is an excellent brand when you are looking for 100% pure natural skin care. This affordable natural beauty brand extracts all their ingredients ethically from the lush jungles of Indonesia. Employing traditional herbal knowledge, these products are hand-made in sanitary conditions.

Enjoy natural aromas of essential oils that are incorporated into the beauty products. You don’t have to worry about any nasty ingredients in these skin care products and you can enhance your beauty naturally. 

Written by Anshulika Chawla

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