What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp Micropigmentation (or loosely defined as scalp tattoo) is a treatment against a balding head. It is an advanced procedure that covers receding hairline, gives volume to thinning hair, hides scarring, and creates an illusion of fuller head. It completely transforms your balding look to a new, attractive looking buzz cut.

How is scalp micropigmentation done?

Tiny perforations are made into your scalp and pigments are injected through a needle. Pigments of different shades are used to give more depth and create a more natural look.
The whole procedure consists of 3-4 sessions.

1.   First session:

During the first session, your preferred hairline is determined. Pigments with lighter shades are injected. The first session is usually the longest. The second session is carried after a week and during that time, your scalp heals from the perforations and your pigments settle into your scalp.

This gives the physician a rough idea of your fading rate and helps to create your desired look. Care is needed to be done during the one week between the two sessions. Such as:
*Protection from sunlight. You can cover your head with headgear or wear sunblock when going

*Avoiding shower for the first 4 days. After the first four days, you can wash your head with simple tap water.

2.    Second session:

The second session takes 30 minutes to one hour less than the first session. During the second session, more layers are added with a slightly darker shade. Density is added and a more defined look is created. At this time, your hairline is refined.

3.       Third session:

The third session takes 30 minutes to one hour less than the second session. It is usually the “touch-up” session to finalize your look. In this, the main thing is to adjust the hairline to your style. It is carried about a week after the second session.
Note: Usually the process is completed during the third session, but if you feel like adding a little more depth, you can always ask for another session. It really depends on your preference rather than the physician.

Why you should try scalp micropigmentation?

Well, the answer is simple. If you are going bald and want to stop your youth from slipping away so early, then you should try Scalp Micropigmentation.

It is a highly advanced method of cosmetic pigmentation. Clients from all over the world have positively reviewed Scalp Micropigmentation. The cost is practical, and the results have been excellent.

The best thing about SMP is that it is very difficult to differentiate it from a natural buzz cut. Most people are unable to notice anything if they don’t already know that you’ve got SMP treatment. Scalp Micropigmentation creates a completely natural look with almost no side effects.

All in all, it is a very effective and promising treatment. Once you get it done, you will no longer need to wear caps or headgear to hide your hairless head. You can walk confidently and improve your lifestyle with Scalp Micropigmentation.

Written by Anshulika Chawla


  1. It was very informative that the second session is relatively shorter compared to the first one regarding a scalp micropigmentation treatment. I’ve been very insecure about my scalps ever since in high school because of my psoriasis. Now that I have the resources to do so, I’ll make sure to consult with my derma first if I’m allowed to have a scalp micropigmentation treatment.

  2. Shammy Peterson at Reply

    What caught my attention is when you said that micropigmentation could handle receding hairline in order to create an illusion of a fuller head. This must be a perfect tip for my sister who has been dealing with insecurities due to her thin hair and bald spots since last year. She is looking for the best way to improve her overall look, so I will as her to consider visiting a scalp micropigmentation clinic.

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