surgical staples on skin

Tissue adhesives, surgical tape, and surgical staples are very common ways to close surgery wounds and other injuries. The wounds which are deeper and larger are particularly closed with surgical staples because they are faster to apply than any other method.

However, this method of closing wounds is also notorious for going wrong, so much that people have to often seek legal help in getting compensation through a surgical stapler lawsuit. If you’ve had a wound closed by a surgical stapler, it is natural to think how long it will last on your skin and how prominent the scars it will leave behind.

Understanding Surgical Staples

surgical staples on skin

Surgical staples are usually made with titanium or stainless steel and they come in many different sizes. They are either circular, straight, or curved, but most of the time they are highly flexible and thin. Surgical staples are often used externally to close down deep wounds or surgical incisions, which can leave behind prominent scars.

Removing Surgical Staples

Surgical staples can be removed when the tissue it has been used on has been fully healed and there is no longer a need for the staples to keep staying on the skin. It is important to note the signs of leakage or infection before removal. The removal process cannot be done at home because it requires a special set of skills and equipment, which possessed by healthcare professionals.

Staples usually last for around 7-14 days after they are initially placed on the skin, but it largely depends on your healing power. For example, if you’re a young individual without common diseases like diabetes, you will likely only have to way a week or two before these can be removed.

However, if you’re an aged person and your natural healing is delayed, then you’ll have to wait for an extended period to have them removed.

Dealing with Surgical Staple Scars

No one likes seeing scars on their skin, and surgical staplers can actually leave quite prominent scars. If you’ve had a wound recently sealed with a surgical stapler, you are probably going to see the scars left by the method after they have been removed.

The best way to prevent scars after the surgery method has been performed is to stop smoking, drinking, and looking after your nutrition. It is also important to stay hydrated because many skin problems including scars can be healed by staying well hydrated.

The decision when to remove the surgical stapler is a very important decision, one that must be discussed with your doctor immediately after you’ve had this method applied to you. If you get the staplers removed early, the wound could reopen which can lead to infection. This is why you must always follow the post-care directions given to you by your doctor.

Never try to remove the staples yourself as it can increase the risk of infection and as well as cause additional scarring on the skin.

Written by Anshulika Chawla

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