when can you start using a baby bouncer

Your baby indeed needs attention, but life has to go on around them. Therefore, finding a safe and comfortable place to put them down is a big relief to you as a parent. A baby bouncer, in this case, will serve the purpose. It will take over the rocking as you take a break to handle a few house chores. The springy up-and-down motion of the bouncer not only satisfies your baby’s desire for movement but also helps them to develop important muscles that aid in crawling.

Your little one’s first action equipment is likely to be a baby bouncer, and this means, it’s one of the baby items you can’t afford to miss. From basic seats that use the young one’s movements to bounce, to more complex ones that feature a variety of movements, baby bouncers come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. The prices vary depending on quality and comfort, but they’re generally affordable. As you buy a bouncer for your little one, ensure it’s comfortable for them to avoid spending on something they’ll never use.

When to Use a Bouncer

when can you start using a baby bouncer

Are bouncers safe for newborns?

You don’t have to wait until your baby is a certain age before you can put them in a bouncer. It’s still safe for them even when they’re only a few days old. While bouncers are safe for newborns, you should only put them there for short periods since their muscles are still too weak to support them. Even though it’s fine to use a bouncer for your weeks old baby, the little one will mostly enjoy it between three months and six months.

Once you have a bouncer, the next thing you’ll be thinking about is when to stop using it. Your baby can use a bouncer until they’re 18 months, but it’s recommended they stop using it as soon as they can sit on their own. Most babies sit at the age of 6 months, but some can sit as early as 4 months.

Something else that can guide you on when to abandon your baby bouncer, is the baby’s weight. You should check for the weight limit in the guidelines so that you know when your baby is too heavy to sit in the bouncer. For most bouncers, weight limit ranges between 20 – 30 pounds. If you notice your baby has either surpassed the weight limit, or they’re able to sit up on their own, it’s high time you pack away the baby bouncer.

While a baby bouncer is a brilliant investment, they can be risky if not used correctly. Therefore, before using a bouncer, you should take note of the safety precautions provided in the guidelines so that your baby’s life isn’t put in danger. Some of the basic safety measures include not using the bouncer on raised surfaces, not leaving the baby unattended to in a bouncer, and not allowing your baby to sleep in the bouncer. If you observe this, you won’t have to worry about your child’s safety while in the bouncer.

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Written by Anshulika Chawla

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    Babies need plenty of exercise, and what better way to give them a good workout than with a bouncer swing? Bouncer swings provide a fun and gentle way to get your baby moving. Not only do they help babies develop their motor skills, but they can also help soothe them when they’re tired or fussy.


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