You probably know people who have little kids, and when the time comes for the entire family to attend a formal ceremony, i.e. a wedding, they choose not to bring them along. Understandably, taking care of children and keeping them entertained is difficult enough at home, let alone at a wedding ceremony and a reception. However, those people are not aware of true beauty they are missing by choosing to do so.

Give them some space

1If possible, it is a great idea to have a couple of people who would be in charge of children and their entertainment. Also, they really need plenty of space, so have a special area just for them. It can be a separate room, a small tent, or simply their own ‘piece’ of garden where they can run around, play chase, and dance with each other. They don’t want to sit at the table with the grownups and be bored to death, they need to run around and act like children – playful and a bit wild.

Give them their own table

2As we mentioned above, sitting with grownups is dangerously boring, and if they sit with other children, they will behave much better and have a lot more fun. Kids’ table should be small, a bit separated from the other guests and from the music (if it’s too loud they will get nervous). Provide them with something fun to do, like a small box of crayons and a colouring book to keep them at least a bit still at the reception. What is more, you can use kraft-paper tablecloth instead of a plain linen one, and get a masterpiece at the end.

It’s all fun and games for them

3Make a small competition and invite them to dance or recite something, perhaps a song they have learned at school or kindergarten. Looking them on a small stage in their lovely kids’ formal wear, all elegant, and excited to perform will bring tears to your eyes (and probably some other guests’ as well). The winner can get a special prize, a toy or some other memorabilia to remember their amazing performance in days to come.

Spy book

4One of the easiest and most creative ways to keep them interested and entertained is to give each of them a small spy book and ask them to roam around a bit and try to find certain objects: wedding rings, red flowers, striped ties, green shoes, and a bubbly drink. They will be happy to wander around acting like spies, and it will make the whole event ten times as fun.

By choosing to bring your children along to a wedding you will be able to see for yourself the joy and awe in their eyes as they see all those people and beautiful decoration around. By providing your children with something to do and keeping them entertained, you will have them saying they love weddings to anyone who asks.

Written by Emma Lawson


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