We have been hearing about vitamins since our young age, when doctors prescribed them to us for our quicker recovery and immunity boost. Similarly, our mothers have been chasing us around for years with fruit and veggies for their nutritive value and vitamin content. Now that we have grown up we have the chance to learn on our own how vitamins contribute to our health and beauty. Washing up and hydration are standard procedures for making our skin look fresh, but care also comes from the inside. That is the cue for these little yet powerful supplements to come to stage and steal the show. Here we shall present some standard nutrients and their beneficial effect to our skin.

Ascorbic acid

The all-around remedy for the infections and common illnesses, vitamin C is a brilliant multitasking giant that tackles quite a few skin issues. You may have heard that lemon juice whitens the discoloration patches, and this is owing to its vitamin C ingredient. Above all, this element is praised for its anti-age character. It eradicates free radicals and smoothes the dermis. Combine it with your sunblock for a more comprehensive protection and spot prevention.

vitamins2Vitamin E

Many of the ladies know what often quickly reveals a woman’s age – her undernourished neck area. The constituent to seek when picking out a moisturizer is the superior vitamin E. It replenishes the moisture and activates the natural dewy look. Repel the harmful influence of smoke and sunrays by opting for products containing this vitamin. It is commonly present in anti UV creams as it enhances their effect. Apply it even after sunlight exposure to prevent possible outbreak.

Vitamin A

All I knew about this one is that allegedly helps your eyesight, and I always suspected it’s a sly way of making me eat the awful carrots (yuk!). Even though I have confirmed this thesis, I’d still rather go to a vitamin shop online and supply myself with enough of this essential substance. While vitamin C prevents aging, vitamin A fights the consequences of the process. Use the night cream with this component to polish the wrinkles and rough areas.

vitamin3Vitamin K

Apart from being a vital element in prenatal pregnancy period, phytonadione, better known as vitamin K is also a diligent fighter against the dark circles babies later provide for their moms (it all makes sense now, doesn’t it). All jokes aside, vitamin K is an effective solution for the darkened under-eye area. Paired with retinol, this nutrient magnificently prevents and curbs blood clots, thus whitening the black circles under your eyes. At first, administer it only two times a week to let the skin adjust. The notable results will appear in just around four months.

It is interesting how such a small thing can be so beneficial to our skin’s health and beauty. What’s more important is knowing about these effects and utilizing it. Every age requires nurture. Be kind to your skin.

Written by Emma Lawson


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