Smoky-eye-guide; makeup-tutorial-for-smoky-eyeRegardless of if it is a hot date, opening night at the opera, or just a night in the town with the gals, it’s always the right time to accessorize. The best place to start is the windows to your soul, the eyes. Women know what works for them and they know how far a little eyeshadow can go from making their tired eyes seem vibrant and awake. One of the most popular ways to enhance the eye is by creating a smoky eye effect. This covers not only the lid but part of the crease as it makes the eyes pop, looking white, colorful and beautiful.

Colors that Accentuate Your Eye Color

Different shades go best with different colors.
When aiming for the perfect smoky eyes, go with the colors that best accentuate your eye colors. Gray and plum colors go really well with green, whereas gold or copper can really make blue eyes pop. For women with brown eyes, a shade of navy and gray works wonders. Of course, it is perfectly fine to experiment with colors. At worst, all you will have to do is wash it off and start again.

When choosing colors, make sure to choose three shades that complement each other. One will be a creamy light color, second will be a medium base, and finally a dark smoky color. Skin tone really plays a big role in picking colors. Don’t choose something too flashy, if you have pale skin or dark skin. Bright colors can distract from what you are trying to achieve.

It is also important to think about which colors are in season. Smoky eyes can be just as fashionable in winter as they are in spring, but spring colors don’t exactly match the Christmas tree mood of winter.

The Right Eye Makeup Technique

Working around the eye is a tricky business and it isn’t going to be conducive to using a foundation brush.
It is important to use good quality brushes, not dirty, old, sponge brushes. Sponge brushes can lead to smearing, which leads to starting all over again.

Loose powders also work well, as they allow the brush to sweep the color onto the eye. They also give the best blending opportunities, which is imperative when trying to create the appearance of a smoky eye. If loose powders cannot be used, just be careful about putting a lot of eyeshadow on the brush.

Here are some tips to get started with an eye makeup tutorial for smoky eyes:

Smoky-eye-guide; makeup-tutorial-for-smoky-eye

  • Step 1:

Prep the eyelid by applying a thin coat of foundation.
Concealers may also be used. Either one allows the makeup to stay on longer and have a more dramatic impact.

  • Step 2:

Take a brush, sweep on a layer of the lightest color of eyeshadow closest to the lash line.

  • Step 3:

Take an ultra-dark pencil and trash your lash line. Work from the inside and get thicker toward the end.
To get extra fancy, flick the pencil at the end to give a cat-eye appearance.

Alternative step: Draw on the inner rims of your lashes to give the eyes more definition.

  • Step 4:

Now, take the slightly darker color and gently cover the middle of your lid fanning outwards.

  • Step 5:

With another brush, smudge along the crease and the socket with the darkest color. This is what gives the smoky eyes its smoldering look.

  • Step 6 and 7:

With a clean brush, sweep powders to blend in the colors. Line the lower lash line with the dark pencil and brush. Before finishing up, take a fan brush and sweep away excess powder that might have fallen onto the cheek and other areas.

  • Step 8 and 9:

Apply a nude shimmer powder or eyeshadow to your brow bone. This will give your eyes a pop effect as well as making you facial feature stand out.

  • Step 10:

Give your eyes finish and definition by touching up with dark pencil again. Alternative Step: Take a white eye pencil and line the waterline of your eye.
This makes the eye appear wider and more awake.

  • Step 11:

Finally, apply two coats of waterproof mascara to complete the look.

An Eye Makeup Look for Every Occasion

Smoky-eye-guide; makeup-tutorial-for-smoky-eyeThe wonderful thing about smoky eyes is that it can go with every occasion. Sometimes, you can go dark and dramatic for a party and other times light and pastel for a summer picnic. Getting smoky eyes doesn’t mean your eyes should look like they are on fire. It is simply a way to accentuate your eyes and your eyelashes. It can even make you look younger and healthier.

The important thing to remember is that using the right brush is going to make a big difference. Do not use old brushes, as they will not give smooth lines which will lead to discoloration when blending the colors.
Additionally, when applying the foundation or concealer to prep the lid, make sure to use a concealer brush as it applies a thin coat to the lid.

Mastering the smoky eye appearance can be tricky at first, but like most things the more practice the better it will look. Do not be afraid to start with a color and wash it off if you do not like it. Make your date wait. You and your eyes will be worth it.

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Written by Anshulika Chawla


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