Best Autumn Skin Care Products;I love this time of the year. The hint of chill in the air, markets and streets getting ready for the upcoming festivities, and my skin showing no sign of oiliness or grim! Yes, my skin behaves best in the autumn season. But this does not mean I can take skincare for granted during the fall.

Just like you need different clothes, different makeup products for fall, you also need different skincare products for the changing season. Your summer beauty essentials will no longer be relevant and you need to replace them or switch them with fall skincare products.

After updating my makeup wardrobe with fall beauty products, I thought it is time to switch my skin care products for autumn season before the chill strikes and wreaks havoc with my unprepared skin! As chill is still on its runways, it is best to prep up your skin for the approaching cold weather.

Here comes my fall skin care routine along with my list of five best fall skincare products that I swear by to keep my skin looking beautiful and glowing all through the autumn season.

Use a Mild Cleanser

243x406_Large_C440-112504Skin changes with change in seasons. During summers foaming cleansers with surfactants are required to remove excess oil and grim. However, as fall approaches I start finding my summer cleanser to be quite drying.

For fall and winters, I rely on a mild cleansing formula that is gentle on the skin and still does its job of cleaning the skin well. I find Dove Beauty Moisture Face Wash to be perfect for fall and winters.

Indulge in a Hydrating Body Wash

Dove-Body-Wash While, I love citrus shower gels in summers, I like to replace them with creamy or hydrating formulas for fall and winters. Dove cream body wash is a great budget friendly body wash for autumn season. St. Ives Pear and Soy body wash is another wonderful option that captures the sweet scent of pears and nourishment of soy; making it just perfect for autumn season.

Use a Daily Moisturizing Body Lotion

24-Hour-Nourishing-Lotion-VaselineSince, I have a very dry body skin, my regular summer body lotion just don’t hydrate me enough during this changing weather. Vaseline Total Moisture is an autumn hero that comes easy on the pocket and does a great job in moisturizing your skin.

Invest in a Good Tinted Lip Balm

NiveaFruityShine_pinkguava_phamlyI can never think of making a smooth transition into winters without having a lip balm into every pocket of my jeans or jacket! Chapped lips start showing as early as fall! A hydrating lip balm becomes a necessity in fall. Nivea Fruity Shine tinted lip balm is an easy remedy to not only moisturize your lips but also add a hint of color to your pucker. Best part: they are readily available and easily affordable.

Don’t Forget the Sunscreen

Loreal Paris UV Perfect Aqua Essence SPF 30Last, but not the least, autumn skin care doesn’t mean you can get away with your daily dose of SPF. So while, you do not have to face a blazing sun, UV rays are still present in the atmosphere, making sunscreen a daily a essential for autumn season.

One of the best sunscreens around the corner for fall is L’Oreal Paris UV Perfect Aqua Essence SPF 30. Its light weight, moisturizing and contains a minimum SPF of 30, making it perfect for fall!

Well that was my list of autumn skin care essentials and beauty products. What are your favorite autumn skin care products and beauty tips for autumn season? Please share them in comments below.


Written by Anshulika Chawla


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