10406758_662651020508776_3789260800500663313_nCall it a coincidence or wish fulfillment, I received Sally Hansen Diamond Lip Treatment lip gloss in my January 2014 FAB Bag, just at a time when an entire bunch of foreign beauty bloggers were going gaga over this lip gloss. Imagine my excitement when I opened the bag and found the exact product I had been craving to try. And that too in the same shade, ‘Sunsrise Sunset’ I envisioned! Now that’s what you call a ‘manifestation’!

After full 5 months of gulping down the tube, the time is right for its review. Now how did this much talked about Sally Hansen Diamond Lip Treatment in Sunrise Sunset fared with me and whether this lip gloss turned to be a hit or a miss, read on to discover.

Price: 475/-

My Experience with Sally Hansen Diamond Lip Treatment Sunrise Sunset


The lip gloss comes in a cute transparent tube packaging with a metallic cap. Since, the product says it’s a diamond lip treatment, I was expecting the lip gloss to transform and rejuvenate my lips in a way a ‘diamond facial’ does for the face. It did nothing of the sort, other than making my lips feel a little softer and moisturized! It did not fade pigmentation nor made my lips any lighter or pinkier!

Lip Treatment Claims:

The only ‘diamond’ it contains is not inside the gloss but outside the packaging! But must confess, the stone studded packaging really makes this lip gloss look stunning and girly! So while, the diamond lip treatment does no lip treating job, it does add a lot of moisture and bling to the lips, making your pucker look instantly plump and glossy!

Hydrating Power:

The best thing about this lip gloss is its moisturizing ability. Even though, the pigment fades in sometime, the moisture lasts for hours. Besides, the ultra hydrating gloss, it contains shimmer and glitter particles that add to the bling effect making this lip gloss perfect for party wear.

Sally Hansen Diamond Lip Treatment Lip Gloss ReviewColor and Shade:

Coming to the shade, ‘Sunrise Sunset’, it’s a very natural color that is neither coral, nor peach and not even orange but a mix of all these. The fact, the pigment is very light, makes this shade look slightly nude and peachy. I also liked the mild scent of this lip gloss that smells like ‘vanilla’.

Texture and Application:

However, I found the texture of this lip gloss to be rather sticky. While, I don’t have much problem with the extra shine and glitter, I do find sticky lip glosses to be quite annoying and uncomfortable to wear. Also, Sally Hansen Diamond Lip Treatment comes with a brush applicator instead of a sponge applicator.

I always prefer sponge applicators for their even finish. I literally have to squash the brush tip on the back of my hand to make the bristles a little softer for smooth application.


  • Intensely moisturizing
  • Instantly plumps the lips and adds shine
  • Good lip treatment for dry, chapped lips
  • Delivers just the right amount of color
  • Shade Sunrise Sunset will suit most skin types
  • Can be worn alone or over a lipstick
  • Great for both everyday wear and party wear
  • Moisture stays for long after application


  • Slightly sticky texture
  • Stiff brush applicator
  • Color and gloss fade away in some time even though the moisture and shimmer stay
  • Not readily available at most local stores

Sally Hansen Diamond Lip Treatment Lip Gloss ReviewR2B Rating: 3.5/5

Will I Repurchase: No. There are millions of lip glosses in trillions of shades available in the market. I would rather try the new ones.

Overall Take:

Overall, Sally Hansen Diamond Lip Treatment lip gloss is a decent product from the company. It is affordably priced and indeed does a fantastic job in hydrating and plumping the lips. Gloss is impressive and color delivery is okay too.

Only downside is the texture of this lip gloss is slightly sticky. Though, it’s not as sticky as some lip glosses in the market but personally I find sticky lippes to be very uncomfy to wear. Also, the brush applicator can be a problem to some girls like me.

At the end, given its all pros and cons, I would say both the cons and some pros are personal. So given, the superior hydrating ability of this lip gloss, it’s a must try lip gloss for everyone. Have you tried Sally Hansen Diamond Lip Treatment before? If yes, then how did you find this lip gloss? Please share your thoughts in comments below.

Written by Anshulika Chawla


  1. The packaging is really cute 😀 nicely reviewed sweety :*

  2. sma epinch..i also got the same shade in my jan fabbag 🙂 And i hate it’s sticky texture 🙁 my tube is still full as i have used it barely 5-6 times 🙁 nice review..totally agree with it 🙂

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