I’m still an amateur when it comes to proper eye makeup. I don’t really go beyond the colored eye pencils and liners to try something new and different. So when, my hubby brought this Maybelline eye shadow quad in Wine Pink, I was a little reluctant to try it, even though I loved the shades!

Not to disrespect hubby’s feelings, I was using the shades light pink and dark pink in the quad as blushers! But a dinner out some days ago and I decided to bite the bullet and get creative with my eyes. Much to my pleasure, the pigment didn’t turn out to be too strong for a novice and I found the shades easy to apply and experiment.  Read on to know more.

My Experience with Maybelline Diamond Glow Eye Shadow Quad in Wine Pink

Maybelline has come up with different color eye shadow quads that coordinate to give you a single color theme. The eye shadow quad I’m going to review here is Wine Pink.

Price: 450/-

Quantity: 2.5 g

The shades are:

  • Creamy Highlighter with silver shimmer
  • Light metallic baby pink hue with lots of shimmer
  • Bright magenta with a slight hint of simmer
  • Deep Plum Pink that almost looks blackish brown/pinkish black

The Maybelline Diamond Glow eye shadow quad comes in a sleek rectangular plastic case with an attractive see-through glass lid. All the shades look creamy and shimmery. Except for the deep plum shade, all the shades are soft and subtle.

For my dinner date, I applied the dark color i.e. deep plum all across my lash line, using a pointed sponge applicator. I then lined my inner corners with the light metallic pink and blended light strokes of medium shade bright magenta on the crease to create a deeper crease. I then finished by topping the lid with light metallic pink. The effect was startling but not really bold or overwhelming.

What I like about the shades is that they create a glossy effect without looking packed or making you look like a disco ball. They are subtle and hence perfect for practice or for creating a soft casual look. They are also easy to remove, which is again both a plus and a minus in itself. For a lasting effect and deeper finish, try using a base/primer underneath.


  1. Great for multitasking. You can use the different shades in the quad as blusher, highlighter or liner.
  2. Easily available at most drug stores and makeup counters
  3. Give a soft satiny finish
  4. Create excellent glossy effect
  5. Travel friendly and easy to carry in your purse/handbag
  6. Easy to remove and experiment


  1. Do not last long
  2. Pigment is not deep enough
  3. Not efficient for creating a dramatic eye or smoky eye
  4. Slightly expensive

Rating: 4/5

Will I Repurchase: Yes, but in a different shade/color

Overall Take:

Overall Maybelline diamond glow eye shadow quad is a great eye makeup product to start from. It is easy to use and experiment. The shimmer does not fly off and shades look creamy and satiny on the eyes. Although, pigment is not deep, its glossy effect on the eyes is excellent. But if you are looking to go heavy on eye makeup, this is not the perfect eye shadow quad for you.


Written by Anshulika Chawla

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