lacto calamine lotion3When I was still a teen, I was introduced to Lacto Calamine as a permanent occupant of my mom’s vanity shelf. Be it summers or winters, Lacto calamine had been her staple product. She used it as moisturizer, sunscreen and even as makeup base. The skin behaved. Oiliness was controlled and sun damage was prevented.

Then came the glut of sunscreens, sunblocks, moisturizers for day and night. And now we even have BB creams, CC creams to further spoil our tastes and vanities. And it so happened, due to frequent travel trips and excessive use of sunscreens, sunblocks and bb creams, my skin started reacting to different skin care products especially sunscreens and sunblocks, no matter how good.

Every time, I tried applying sunblock, my skin rebelled with zits, redness, sweating and burning sensation.
A bulb lit up in the head, about how mom would slather on Lacto Calamine on any kind of skin concern and all would be well. I went to the nearest pharmacy to hunt it down. I was excited to see the good old lacto calamine in different variants:


1.)    Lacto Calamine Oil Control for oily skin 2.) Lacto Calamine Hydration for dry to normal skin

Since my skin needed healing as well along with hydration and protection, I bought the green variant with aloe vera gel. The basic triple action formula of Natural Kaolin Clay, Active Zinc Oxide and Pure Glycerin, however remains the same.

Price: 50

Quantity: 30 ml

lacto calamine hydrationMy Experience with Lacto Calamine Skin Balance Hydration Lotion

The moisturizer comes in a sturdy white and green colored bottle. Since, the bottle has a wide mouth opening, it makes for both, difficult to dispense the product and unhygienic to use. The moisturizer is slightly pinkish in color, may be due to presence of kaolin clay and is neither too thick and nor too runny in consistency.

The medicinal scent is familiar and pleasant. The moisturizer spreads easily on the skin and gets absorbed quickly. Instead of reacting, my skin felt soft, hydrated and instantly calm after applying the lotion.
The aloe vera gel in the moisturizer gradually heals the skin. Kaolin clay keeps skin clean and fresh even hours after applying the product.

But what I like the best about this product is the presence of calamine lotion or zinc oxide for natural and strong protection against the sun. Looking at mom’s skin, I could confidently say, she never got tanned even though she never used a sunscreen all her life!

Calamine lotion is also known for its amazing skin healing and soothing properties. It reduces itchiness and irritation of the skin. Since it keeps the face fresh and bright, it also acts as a great makeup base or foundation. It offers mild coverage for any minor flaws or blemishes and keeps makeup stay put for long.

The lacto calamine oil control version is ideal for oily skinned beauties and those suffering from any zits, pimples, blemishes and acne.

It found it better than the expensive and chemical laden BB creams in the market.


  • Contains kaolin clay to remove dead skin cells
  • Keeps skin soft, moisturized and fresh for long
  • Great inexpensive tinted moisturizer/makeup base/BB cream
  • Offers reliable sun protection with active zinc oxide
  • Soothes and heals irritated sensitive skin
  • Covers minor spots, marks, and blemishes
  • Highly inexpensive and easily available


  • Boring packaging
  • Wide mouth opening makes for unhygienic and inconvenient use
  • Not suitable for highly oily skinned beauties, they may find the aloe version sticky and heavy
  • Not suitable for very dry skinned girls, who may find it rather drying to kaolin clay

Rating: 4/5

Will I Repurchase: Yes

Overall Take:

Overall, lacto calamine is an all time savior and a great multi-purpose product. It is an expert tested and trusted brand that has stood the test of time. Lacto calamine is ideal for sensitive skin concerns with its soothing sun protection and moisturizing properties.

Written by Anshulika Chawla

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