Traditional Thai Beauty Secrets to Look Your Best

Oriental women from Pacific islands of Bali, Indonesia, Philippines, and Thailand are well known for their exotic beauty and natural charm. They are often visited by men all over the world and also written about in blogs, books, travelogues and magazines for their enchanting sensuality and breathtaking beauty.

So during one of my recent travel trips to Thailand, I was expecting to come across some really gorgeous women. And just when our flight landed at the Bangkok airport, we felt swimming in a pool of beauty. Each woman I turned my gaze to, looked nothing less than a perfect Barbie doll.

Before visiting Thailand, I always believed beauty to be a genetic trait of a woman. Either a girl is beautiful or she isn’t. But looking closely at women on the Bangkok airport, I discovered that although those women didn’t score really high on genetic beauty, they possessed a certain charm about them.

Sitting at Bangkok airport, waiting for my next flight to Phuket, I made it a point to know and learn about their unique beauty tips and Thai beauty secrets before leaving from Thailand. And guess what? Luckily, I happened to get a chance to meet and interact with one of these Thai women, well adept in the art of pleasure and beauty at a massage parlor near our hotel in Phuket.

You can read about my Thai body massage experience with the lady here.  After much poking and prodding, I learnt that the secret to Thai women’s exotic beauty lies simply not in their genes alone but into their heritage Thai beauty secrets and timeless beauty tips.

Here are a few lessons in beauty and appearance from the Thai masseur that can help us all in our quest to look more charming and beautiful.

Traditional Thai beauty secrets

Traditional Thai Beauty Secrets and tips

Watch Your Weight:

One thing Pacific women are really concerned about is their physique. They take special care about their diets and stick to remaining fit and slender all their lives. You will be surprised to know that sizes above Medium and jeans with waist over 28 are just not available in the market of Pacific countries including Thailand, China, and Japan.

So girls, you better think twice before you try to stuff in that next pizza slice.

Dress Up Stylish and Feminine:

One striking thing I noticed about Thai women at the airport was none of the women was dressed in jeans, uni-sexual tees, or sloppy pants and tops. Thai women wear clothes that flatter and accentuate their feminine form to look their best.

So girls, before you find yourself reaching for those boring jeans, slouchy top and black stilettos yet again, think of all those neglected skirts, dresses and, floral tops for a bright and beautiful look.

Luxury Baths for Soft skin: 

Thai beauty secrets

Skin is your largest organ and covers your entire frame. After your physique, it is your skin that people notice about you. Silky, smooth and soft skin has always been stressed upon in Thai beauty tips. In Thailand, women take natural luxury baths containing ingredients like flowers, herbs, teas, essential oils etc.

Luxurious moisturizing baths not just enhance their natural beauty but also tend to their spiritual and emotional well being. And girls, how can we forget about Cleopatra’s milk baths for supple, soft skin. So beauties, invest in good natural skin care to look your best.

Seaweed for Shiny Hair:

We all dream of having long, healthy, shiny hair, don’t we? It is something about soft, silky, and lustrous locks that drives attention. My Thai masseur told me about an important Thai beauty secret, Pacific women had been using for centuries to nourish and beautify their hair.

It is the power of the seaweeds for bouncy, shiny hair. Not only they include seaweeds in their diet but also boil the seaweed to make a paste for massaging it into the hair. Even if we can’t get access to real seaweeds here, we can use shampoos and conditioners with seaweed extract to benefit from the ingredient.

Take Time to Relax:

Thai beauty secrets

Another striking thing about Thai girls is that they never let stress overpower their lives. One of the biggest enemies of beauty and health is stress. The moment they see stress coming their way, they resort to a luxury bath, get a Thai body massageor dance that tension away from their minds and bodies.

Embrace Your Uniqueness:

Confidence and being comfortable in your skin is one of the greatest attribute of charming women. Unlike our culture, where we are stressed to look and behave in a certain way, in traditional Thai beauty secrets and culture qualities of uniqueness and playfulness are celebrated.

The reason, Pacific women look so charming and attractive is that they allow themselves to blossom and bloom in their own uniqueness and quirkiness. So lovelies, it is time to shed those inhibitions and embrace your natural beauty and happiness.

Thai beauty secrets

Thai women continue to dig into their traditional Thai beauty secrets to remain charming and beautiful. So lovelies, while you can’t change your genetics, you have complete control over how you look and present yourself. Even if you don’t have the best of features, use these heritage Thai beauty tips to look your best.


Written by Anshulika Chawla

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