How to Get a Classic Cat Eye Makeup for Hazel Eyes

There’s something about hazel eyes. Isn’t it? They attract you. They change color with the outfit you are wearing. Hazel eyes are beautiful. Alas, I have dark brown eyes, but I can always go for the hazel lens. Nonetheless, I can’t look like Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox or Charlize Theron.


Hazel eyes combo with cat eye makeup! Hmm…I’d like to try this makeup.  But for that, I need to master the winged eyeliner. The best part about today’s makeup guide is that I have mastered the winged eyeliner. ‘YAYYYY’

What you need to try out today’s tutorial? The tools; liquid eyeliner and a volumizing mascara. I won’t mention any brand, but ensure that you use the ones you love, or the ones that are recommended. You want to create the perfect cat flick, so make sure you master this look before actually applying it for some party, prom or wedding.

The first thing that you need to do is to put on the eyeliner. Beginning from the inner corner of your eye, apply the liquid eyeliner, extending it to the outer corner. The thickness must vary. It should be thinnest towards the inner corner and thickest towards outer, forming a proper semi circle or arch. Make sure it’s smooth and gradual. The commonest mistake in this step is, thickness remains the same throughout the arch. I personally believe such eyeliners look quite unflattering.  But of course that is my opinion. You can experiment with it and go for the look that suits you the best. If you choose to make the thicker end of the liner, round, you give your eyes a wider look. (Previously ladies used to add pilocarpine drops to their eyes to dilate their pupil and make their eyes look open and large to seduce guys) If you go for an elongated and thinner liner on the outer corner, you make your eyes have an elongated look.

curvy wing for cat eye look

winged eye liner for cat eye look

Once you are done, with putting on the basic arch, you need to create the wing. There are two types of wings, the curvy one and the triangular one. Personally I go for the curvy one, though my eyes are huge. (I am sure there is no Dr. John Watson to call me show off, the way he calls Sherlock when he brags about his detective skills) The curvy flick usually suits smaller eyes. Why? It follows the lash line and adds the enlarging effect to your eyes. The triangular one is for the huge eyes. It enhances the natural look of your huge eyes. If you have a very deep eyelid crease, try the curvy wing, but if you have a shallow crease, begin with a triangular flick (it comes straight up and then in). If it suits you well and good, if not make it curvy. Tah dah!

The most crucial part of the cat eye makeup is to have wings that align with each other. You wouldn’t appreciate a flying and another resting wing. So basically you need to set the angle accurate. The easiest way to do is to line a brush against the side of your nose, up to the outer corner of your eye and eyebrow. This will let you aim for the desired angle. Avoid pulling your skin when you are applying the liner. You might think that you are doing it the right way, when you have pulled your skin taut, but once you release it, you will see the mess you have created. Moreover in the long run you will get a lot of wrinkles if you pull your delicate skin over eyelid.

cat eye makeup

Last thing that you need to worry about is the length of the wing. Yes it matters. If you go for a short wing, it might get lost in the eye folds. If you go for a longer one, it might give you a disastrous look. Go for the optimal length. Of course there is no formula for it. Just keep trying it; you will have the perfect look.

I am sure you will follow the guidelines and have the perfect, sexy, seductive cat eye look with your hazel eyes. Make sure you apply volumizing mascara to get the full look.


Written by Jennifer Kurtz

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