Complete Guide to 2016 Fashion Trends

Fashion is never easy to predict, especially when you have to consider the fact that trends come and go, and making them work will be the hardest part. However, being able to understand what the next step in fashion is going to be and how it will change what we wear is a big advantage. Adapting to ongoing trends will require a bit of time and patience.

Chokers Are Making a Comeback

Many would have forgotten chokers by now because they were wearing them when they were teens. Though, chokers are becoming a necessary fashion accessory once again. Either pick up your old ones, to combine the retro feel or get yourself a brand new shiny one.

Slip on Your Dress

Even though it might seem like slip dresses are the laziest form of fashion, they are a big hit this year. In fact, it will be one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing you could wear in your life. Moreover, you cannot mess up how to wear a slip dress, even if you wanted to.

Make Yourself Feel Like a Princess

Complete Guide to 2016 Fashion TrendsEvery girl dreamed of wearing a tiara, but, there never seemed a right time for it. Luckily, in the year 2016, it is possible to combine it with almost anything. It is actually mandatory for a few outfit combos, and if you do not wear one, you might get a weird look. Whether you have an outfit picked out or not, yet, make sure to finally make your dream come true, and wear a tiara proudly

Vivid Colours Are a Hit

Mashing together colours is never a good idea, especially if you want to be a part of the fashion franchise. However, vivid colours are making a comeback as well, and you need to be prepared for the perfect combo. Learn how to combine various colours and make them work with any outfit. A rule of thumb is that you should never mix and match more than three colours, or your look is going to be too much.

Ruffle Your Feather

Complete Guide to 2016 Fashion TrendsOne of the more prominent fashion revivals this year is bringing back the ruffles. It will help you get that romantic sense and make you feel sensual. Though, be sure to pick out a dress that will suit you, without too many ruffles, or you might be going overboard, which could be a fashion suicide. Even more so, you have a large selection from minimalist small structured tiers all the way to large shredded looks.

Graphically Designed

One of the bolder fashion trends this year that has been seen is the graphic designer modelled clothes. Designer fashion has managed to show a unique style that will surely turn a few heads. Nevertheless, the weird way these clothes are made and the prints on them will help you stay in fashion. On the other hand, you have to be careful and precise when going with this style, as it could be problematic to combine and pull off.

Complete Guide to 2016 Fashion TrendsFashion has lately seen a lot of changes and it seems that more are yet to come. While most of the ongoing trends require a specific taste in fashion, it does not mean that you cannot become a part of it. You just need to be careful what you will combine and how, because it is very important to follow trends if you want to seem successful. Then again, this year has introduced the more laidback fashion styles as well, meaning that you can freely wear whatever makes you comfortable and not be ashamed of it. Remember to take a look in the mirror, to make sure that you are happy with your outfit.


Written by Diana Smith

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  1. It is a fun post to read. I am all into vivid colors and graphic designs. Well written post.

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