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Good Morning Lovelies,

I’m writing this post in the wee hours of morning with my favorite hot cuppa of cinnamon coffee. It is this early morning time of the day that I feel most inspired and connected with my feminine energy. I have had an interesting life with my full share of love, laughter, tears, heartbreak, and adventure. I especially love to observe and write about different cultures, people, experiences and life in general.

It amuses me to see how many new beauty blogs keep sprouting up every other day with their unique content on daily skin care, makeup tips, product reviews, and fashion advice. All these beauty blogs are geared towards one goal – how to look more beautiful.  While, looks and appearance is an integral part of being beautiful, one aspect of beauty we often take for granted is femininity.

An interesting fact about femininity is that while, a physically beautiful woman can also be a feminine woman, a feminine woman is always beautiful and charming. It is true that certain girls are born beautiful. And it is also true that not all of us can look like certain women we perceive to be beautiful. But we all women can aspire and hope to be the most beautiful version of ourselves just by getting in touch with our innate femininity or feminine energy.

Femininity is that soft and tender quality of a woman that makes her the most beautiful, noble, and loveliest of all creatures under the sun. God essentially created woman for the feminine role of a creator and nurturer. A feminine woman leads a life that is righteous and spiritual. With her unconditional love, compassion, and kindness, she makes the world a much sweeter and brighter place to live in.

In this Femininity series, I will be taking up this essential quality of a woman, what it really means to be a woman and showing the world what true beauty is. This is going to be a very lengthy series with detailed articles about femininity, beauty, and how to be the most accomplished and lovely feminine woman you can be.

And doves, if you already have keen interest in beauty and are regular readers of various fashion, makeup, and beauty blogs, much of your desire is not only to look good and stylish but also to discover who you truly are as a woman. The information I will be going to share with you in these feminine beauty series will not only help you to dress up, act, behave, and take care of yourselves in a certain way but will transform your personality, your relationships, life and life of those around you on the whole.

It will connect you with the divine feminine energy within you. It will make you an unforgettable woman. So dear lovelies, you are cordially invited to brew yourselves a cup of tea, grab some cookies, and take this journey to true beauty and femininity with me.

Much Love,


Written by Anshulika Chawla


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