Art of wearing the right perfumeGood Afternoon Doves,

I’m just up from a small ‘beauty nap’ and still feeling somewhat sedated with the lingering aroma of my hubby’s spicy cologne. He’s in a habit of spritzing strong Ralph Lauren perfume all over himself before leaving for work. And my room gets filled with an array of amazing leathery and spicy notes.

Sometimes, fragrances can be your calling card to myriad emotional triggers and feelings. A whiff of aroma coming straight from freshly baked cookies from a nearby bakery can put you down the memory lane reminding you of the time spent at your grandmother’s house during vacations.

While, fragrances can be nostalgic, certain smells can also elicit emotional responses not from the memory but from the essence of the smell itself. Scents can be comforting, they can be saddening, they can be overbearing and they can also be enchanting and beautifying!

Smelling good is essential to good hygiene, you know. In fact, scents and perfumes were originally designed for hygienic purposes only; to mask unpleasant body odors. But do you know that perfumes can also used be as great ‘femininity infusers’ or ‘beautifying tools’?

As per a recent research from the Monell Chemical Senses Centre, women faces are rated as more attractive in the presence of pleasing fragrances. Surprised? Even I was, but much to my pleasure! (Since, immediately a bulb lit up in my mind as to how I can use it to my advantage!) *chuckles*

Now confess, how many times have you found yourself coming out of the bath and spraying on any deodorant lying on the shelf? Or how many times have you found yourself guilty of applying on too much perfume, when getting ready for the party? So much so that people standing next to you could almost taste your fragrance?

Wearing perfume is an art. And one of the important parts of dressing up to look beautiful is choosing the right fragrance and wearing it the right way. If you are like me, who feels overwhelmed by the profound variety and all the options out there, these perfume choosing tips will help you pick and wear the right perfume:

tips for wearing right perfumeTips for Choosing and Wearing the Right Perfume

  1. Test it on Your Skin

Each woman has a unique biological scent. A fragrance that smells divine on your best friend may not smell so great on you. Spritz some on your wrist, wait a few moments to see how it changes or mixes with your own body chemistry.

  1. Match it with Your Personality

To really look rapturous in a scent, the perfume should not only smell nice on your skin but it should also match with your personality. There are basically 4 kinds of beauties and wearing a scent that speak to others about your unique personality can do wonders to enhance your natural charm and beauty. So before picking a fragrance ask yourself:

Are you a bright, animated, bubbly kind woman with charm and childlike optimism?

Wear crisp, fresh, and clean fragrances like citrus, fruity or sugary.

Or are you a soft, subtle lady with an air of fragility or tender quality?

Wear floral, romantic, and soft powdery or feathery scents.


Or are you a mysteriously feminine woman with an exotic and oriental flair?

Choose rich, spicy fragrances like cinnamon, musk, vanilla with a kick, and layered scents.


Or finally, are you the sophisticated professional woman with striking confidence?

Wear Vanilla, pure notes, and distinct scents like Chanel No. 5.


  1. Wear Scents Appropriate to Mood and Occasion

Perfume can be the most powerful weapon in your beauty arsenal only if you know which perfume to use when. So if your need is to look and feel attractive or more beautiful wear scents that feminine women wear.

Fabulous floral scents will not only make you feel feminine but feeling feminine will cause you to be more feminine and beautiful.

  1. Always Wear Perfume on Clean Skin

If you think you can get away from a foul body odour by covering it with a strong scent, forget it. Far from masking your bad hygiene habits, using perfume on unclean body will worsen the odour by mixing the strong chemical scent with sour stench of sweat. So never commit the blunder of substituting perfume for a bath.

  1. Apply Perfume in Tasteful Amounts

You think you can appear more attractive by applying perfume in generous amounts? There are not much things more unappealing than a woman who applies too much perfume. How many times have you felt repelled by someone’s strong scent?

Sometimes, a particularly strong fragrance can not only be uncomfortable to many but can also be nauseating and sickening. Just think of the times when you felt trapped in a lift or in a car with someone wearing an obnoxious poorly concocted scent.

Remember, to look attractive in a perfume always use them with discretion and softness. Feminine women never display their perfumes; they always share their scents with those who get close to them. So you see girlies, perfumes can do wonders to your natural charm and beauty but only if you use them discretely in a manner that is subtle, soft, understated and elegant.

art of wearing the right perfumeHow many times have you felt that a fragrance has made or broken your look? Ever felt that wearing a certain scent causes you to feel more beautiful and also causes to change the behaviour of those around you? If yes, please share them in the comments section below. Would love to hear your unique stories.

Written by Anshulika Chawla


  1. Great and helpful tips! Loved this post 🙂

    • Anshulika Chawla at Reply

      Thanks Lisha. Nice to know you liked it.

  2. Swati at Reply

    Very beautiful post! M ur silent reader but fan of ur writing. Very helpful tips for girls. But my question is for Manish. Will appreciate a post from him on what kind of girls do boys like or what qualities boys like in girls. Thanks.

    • Anshulika Chawla at Reply

      Thanks for visiting my blog. Shall keep your query in mind…….

  3. Manisha at Reply

    Thanks for this post, I will definitely be using them as tips 🙂

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