Three years ago, before I even started blogging, I used Olay Total Effects 7 in One Anti-aging Cream and Face Wash. Remembering how Olay Total Effects made my skin look bright and smooth back then, I used the day cream few months back with same satisfying results. Following the trail logically, it is now time to revisit the cleanser.

So girls, here comes the review of Olay Total Effects Foaming Face Wash with 7 in One Anti-aging Benefits:

Price: INR 140 for 50g


Olay Total Effects foaming face wash comes in a no-fuss plastic tube packaging with a flip open cap. Being easy to use, carry, and squeeze out the product, the tube is handy and travel-friendly.


The face wash has a shaving-foam like texture that is thick, creamy, and pearly white in color. It spreads on the skin easily and only a little is required to make rich foam and lather.


It has a very pleasant floral fragrance that is neither strong, nor soapy. The scent vanishes in a few minutes after washing.


Now, this is the best part – I loved the after effects of this face wash. The cleanser left my skin squeaky clean and radiant. It removed all the traces of dirt, grime, and makeup from my face effectively.

However, there is a catch! While, it left my skin totally clean and smooth, being winter months, my skin started to feel a little tight and stretchy a few minutes after washing my face. Minus points here!

Since, I have already purchased this cleanser, I am using this cleanser twice a day following up with a rich cold cream and spf in day time and Kaya nourishing night cream in the night with satisfactory results.

olay total effects foaming face review


  • Smart and sleek easy to use plastic tube packaging
  • Thick, creamy texture
  • Spreads smoothly and easily on skin
  • Makes good foam and lather
  • Only little amount is required
  • Effectively cleans the skin of all dirt, grime, and makeup
  • Makes skin look squeaky clean and bright
  • Inexpensive and readily available
  • Pleasing floral scent


  • Not suitable for oily skin
  • Not suitable for dry skin in winter months

R2B Rating: 4/5

Overall Take:

Overall Olay Total Effects foaming face wash with 7 in one anti-aging benefits is a great face wash for normal skin. Reasonably priced, this face wash cleans effectively without over-drying the skin and makes skin look clean, fresh, and radiant. However, if you have very dry or oily skin, Olay total effects cleanser may not suit you.


Written by Anshulika Chawla

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