hair-salon-miami-beach-beauty-kYour skin is the canvas of your life. Your lifestyle, worries, restless nights, stress – all of that leaves a mark on that canvas, and you are the sole painter of that painting. No matter how old you are, you have to know that skin care is one of the essentials of a healthy lifestyle. When you give your skin the nourishment it requires, it will give you back a healthy, glowing look. So isn’t it only fair to treat your skin right?

 Face skin care

In order to make your skin radiant and pure, it’s crucial to treat it with the essential minerals and vitamins it requires. Removing makeup is a must and that’s why you need to exfoliate your skin regularly. I usually do that at home, using completely natural ingredients.

The next step is, of course, thorough cleansing. When choosing your ideal cleanser, you need to choose the one that is adequate for your skin type. For example, I always use the one for dry and sensitive skin. Apart from regular cleansing and peeling, you also need to protect and nourish your skin. I replaced my regular moisturizing creams for young skin with those containing special formulae that are designed to fill all the fine lines, as well as to prevent new wrinkles from emerging. During spring and summer, I always protect my skin using sunscreen with SPF above 20 in order to protect my skin and avoid appearance of spots.

Perfect your body

I have never been confident with my body. That is exactly why I came up with a couple of ideas that would definitely help me perfect my look. First, I’ve been hitting the gym and working out on my own for a couple of months. I must tell you that it was hard at the beginning, but now I can say I have never been this satisfied with my appearance. It was totally worth it! On the internet you can find many exercises that are pretty useful to lose weight. Thanks to these exercises I finally managed to tighten my body and maintain my perfect weight without a strict weight-loss program.

Do what makes you feel good

For me, investing in beauty is actually investing in your own happiness. To be honest, I have always felt I have small breasts, and wanted implants.

Although many, including my boyfriend, might disapprove of this choice of mine, I recently had a breast augmentation procedure done in a clinic in Sydney a friend had previously recommended. I have to say I am perfectly satisfied with the results. I believe that you should do whatever makes you feel good in order to be happy and confident.

To sum up, in order to look great in your skin you have to listen to your body and try to hear what it is telling you. Your overall goal should be to feel good and secure on the inside, as well as on the outside. These tips are just some of the tips to feel great in my skin.

Feel free to comment about the different ways you keep your skin healthy and glowing.


About the Author

Amy Mia Goldsmith is an Aussie, a literature student and an insane all-things-beauty lover. She loves to read and has been writing novels and short stories as long as she can remember. Her passion is beauty and makeup and she loves to spend her free time reading reviews and of course – make up shopping!  Contact Amy  on her Facebook page.


Written by Amy Goldsmith


  1. I think it’s rare to find women who are completely happy with their body. I love this!

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  5. nice post 🙂 It is very important to love your body 🙂

  6. Yes! You definitely need to do what makes you happy and what makes you feel good. And if that means getting a little nip and tuck that’s perfectly okay. You just gotta do it for you.

  7. you are so what makes you happy and feel good about yourself 🙂 Great post

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  9. Amy Mia Goldsmith at Reply

    Thank you girls!
    I’m glad you liked my tips!
    It’s crucial to get to know yourself and live according to your own rules!


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