Best makeup products to carry for a beach vacationWith the summer up and approaching fast, it’s time to start thinking about potential destinations, best vacationing arrangements and the essential gear to bring along for the trip. Even if you’re a lady who deeply cares about her visual impression, try not to overdo your makeup on the beach as skin tends to be more sensitive when exposed to bright sun, salty water and dry air for extended periods of time.

To help you get on the right track makeup-wise when preparing for a long day at the beach, we have a short list of must-have maquillage to stack in your holiday gear, so keep reading and save yourself some hassle, time and luggage space.

  1. Primers add a precious note to your natural look

Though most women avoid wearing heavy makeup on the beach, you should definitely throw in a quality primer in your makeup kit when packing for the holiday.

Primers help makeup look natural and well put-together on your skin, and they’re particularly useful for ladies whose complexion is on the greasier side.

  1. Tinted moisturizers, not foundations

If you usually apply foundation before adding some colors to your face, you may want to pack a tinted moisturizer for the beach. As they provide slight coverage and don’t cause dryness of the skin, tinted moisturizers or BB/CC creams will blend perfectly with your tanned complexion and keep your face optimally hydrated. When shopping for quality tinted moisturizers, pick the ones that are oil-free and have a high SPF, just to stay on the safe side.

Best makeup products to carry for a beach vacation

  1. The essential sun protection

A must-have for a fun day at the beach, sunscreen should be smooth and easy to rub in so as to prevent clogged pores, greasy patches and uneven coverage.

In addition to the sunscreen, you should also look for lip balms with high SPF as lips are also very sensitive to bright sun and may get cracked if not shielded adequately.

  1. Conceal night’s little mischiefs

Unless you’re set on spending every single night of your holiday in your hotel room, pack a concealer in your makeup bag before you leave home. A convenient piece of cosmetics to have at hand in case of dark circles around the eyes, occasional spots or slight skin discolorations, all-over concealers provide superior coverage and blendability so make sure you bring your favorite one along for the ride.

  1. Waterproof eye makeup

To highlight your eyes and make your lashes look stunning while lazing around the sand, it’s always good to have a ready eyeliner and mascara in your beach bag.

When packing eye makeup, opt for creamy eyeliner as it will come in handy when creating a smokey-eye look for an evening out, while the mascara should be waterproof to prevent unwanted smearing and panda-face accidents.

  1. Blotting paper

In case your skin is slightly oilier than you’d like it to be, it’s always useful to have a stack of blotting paper on a long beach day. An ideal way to eliminate excess grease and achieve a matte, fresh impression, blotting paper works better than regular powder as it doesn’t clog or cake over your complexion in case of unwarranted sweat.

  1. Eye shadows and highlighters

For a little extra glow and a better-looking physiognomy during your seaside holiday, you should consider packing an eye shadow kit like the PurePressed Triple Eye Shadow set from Jane Iredale’s makeup line of products.

With just a few dabs of a sexy eye shadow tone, any unexpected encounter on your sea-borne vacation may soon take on a romantic twist so don’t forget to pack some for the trip.

Are you ready for some exciting beach action? With just a touch of cosmetics, you will both look amazing and feel that way as you stroll down the seaside promenade – so make sure you pack some makeup before you leave home th

Written by Cristina


  1. Nice article, very informative. I totally agree primers are a must in the heat.

  2. Nika at Reply

    Hi girls! Hope you like my new post! Would love to hear what you think and whether you agree with the list or not! Share your thoughts! Thanks a bunch x

  3. Very informative and well-written article dear. <3

  4. Nice post…Love it 🙂

  5. HI sweetie
    This post is so useful
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    • Fantastic tips, Christina! For the beach I’m using my sunscreen and some waterproof make up like mascara and eyeliner! I love the idea of a tinted moisturizer and blotting paper as well as concealer are must haves for summer in general for sure! 😉
      Thanks a lot for leaving your comment on my blog, girls! Appreciate it!


  6. I’ve always wanted to try a primer. I need to do that this summer! 🙂 T.

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  8. sun protection is a must

  9. Nice post, i have never been to a beach…but someday if i will got chance to go then i will surely keep these tips in mind 🙂

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    Very useful post for those who are planning a beach vacation 🙂

  11. These sound great! Thanks for sharing!
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  12. Nice compilation sweety! 🙂

  13. I definitely agree with all of them! I think when I am at the beach though, I try not to wear any makeup. Maybe waterproof mascara at most. But definitely definitely SPF sunscreen so no skin damage 🙂
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  14. What a great post! Super informative, thanks for sharing 🙂

  15. I have to take note of these and go to sephora. Great tips.

  16. Great tips!

  17. Hello, Cristina, I loved the tips! I think that the primer and tinted moisturizers, plus waterproof eye makeup are the ones that I really connect to, and I will remember the tinted mooisturizer next time! Hope you have a nice weekend!

  18. Love these tips and tricks! I’m going on a beach trip!

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    Great tips! I never know what to pack.

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  20. Great post, a tinted moisturizer with SPF would be ideal for me that way it is a little less to pack.
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  21. Nice post! Will be very useful when I am planning a beach vacation next ! 🙂

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  23. I second Tinted mositurisers Cristina. They come in so handy during vacations. light and breathable!

  24. Aw that post is really useful! Thanks for sharing this info! I really need to buy some of these!

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    Oh wow! So many wonderful reviews! ^^ Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment on the post. I hope we’ll continue to have these creative discussions, and feel free to add your own ideas. I am always open for new suggestions and improvements! ^^

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  26. brilliant post..very informative 🙂

  27. Perfect list dear ! thanks for sharing with us

  28. Love a tinted moisturizer in the summer!

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  31. Thanks for these tips! I can definitely use them!

  32. this is such a lovely list .. i always forget the waterproof eye makeup 🙁

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