how to make your woman feel beautiful

An abundance of fashion advice, copious amount of beauty tips, and a generous overflow of makeup makeovers is already out there for women to look their beautiful and charming best. In fact women have always believed that the key to their beauty lies inside their wardrobe and makeup-box!

And there is a reason for this – women all over the world are judged on their appearance. Our media, social media, consumerist culture are all in support of this judgement. But the truth is much farther than that. For a woman to look and feel truly beautiful inside out she doesn’t need to have that perfect body or flawless skin or wear the right color of lipstick.

For a woman to be truly beautiful she has to be happy –a happy woman is a beautiful woman. True I love collecting beauty products, different skincare products stimulate me and makeup brightens my spirit but what makes me happiest is receiving flowers from my husband!

4 Ways to Make Your Woman Feel Beautiful Inside OutBeing women we need to be told and shown we are beautiful. And there’s no better way to show us how beautiful and special we are to you than by sending us flowers. You may think they’re pointless as they are not tangible or expensive or wither away but trust me, we love them anyway. They make us feel special.

And feeling special is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world. When you unexpectedly bring us flowers, we bloom like a rose and the glow of happiness is evident on our face.  So making us feel beautiful and happy is not that difficult or tricky but rather quite simple. All we want from you are few small things you can easily do to make us feel beautiful and appreciated.

Four simple ways to make your woman feel beautiful inside out:

  1. Just tell us we are beautiful

Of course, we don’t expect you to write verses in our praise or shower us with compliments. A genuine appreciation of our uniqueness is much more powerful than songs of false praise.

For example, my husband has a special knack of noticing small things about me – like my ear-rings, heels and even the eye shadow! I know most men can’t even notice something as trivial as an eye-liner or mascara. This shows that he truly cares and pays attention.

  1. Talk to us

Being women we are genetically programmed to talk. When you don’t talk or speak to us in monosyllables, it means to us that’s something is majorly wrong – that you have lost interest in us or we are not important and attractive to you anymore!

So please talk to us. Talk about anything. It could be a new movie, news, or even sports. We just want to know what goes inside your head.

4 Ways to Make Your Woman Feel Beautiful Inside Out

  1. Tell us of how much you love us

Somewhere down the line in long term relationships, people tend to slip back into their comfort zones. This is not to say that they don’t love each other, they just stop showing. We know that you have your own way of loving us – driving all the way down to our office to pick us up, fixing our laptop, taking us to movies and so on.

But we do sometimes want to hear the words – ‘I love you’. I know some of you find it hard to say but there can never be any gesture or words more powerful than these to make us feel beautiful and confident in our skin.

  1. Surprise us with little presents

We love to be surprised with little presents on and off, sometimes for no reason. It shows that you care and we are special. Again, you don’t have to break the bank to impress us or let us know that we are valued. A well-chosen thoughtful gift is more important than a flashy or a flamboyant present.

An online flower bouquet, a lip-gloss or a card – it could be anything that makes us feel good. Last Valentine’s, just when I woke up a, pleasant surprise awaited me beside my bed – a gorgeous bouquet of pink flowers.

4 Ways to Make Your Woman Feel Beautiful Inside Out

“Who brought these?” I asked my husband.

He shrugged. But the smile on his face told the whole story.

And trust me, in that very moment I became the most beautiful and happiest  woman alive!

These are just small ways for you to make your woman feel beautiful but they have a big impact. It’s a harsh world we live in, where we are constantly reminded of our flaws. You may see us as the most divine beings ever created but there’s a high chance that we disagree with you.

So as our significant other you need to tell us, constantly remind us – that we are beautiful – that no matter how we look, you adore us and find us beautiful.

“Even the prettiest woman can feel ugly and insecure with the wrong man. What makes a woman beautiful is a man who treats her right”.

Written by Anshulika Chawla

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