Mirror Mirror on the Wall: How Mood Affects Beauty

I was having a busy day at the office. In fact, my life had taken on a hectic track with numerous priorites yelling for attention all at the same time. No doubt, the beauty freak in me had to take a back seat. While, I was still religiously following my basic skin care rituals, cleansing, toning and moisturizing and washing my face before going to bed, come what may, I was shocked to see my image on the washroom mirror of my office.

All kinds of spots, blotchy complexion, big open pores and limp hair stared back at me. I never knew stress and mood can have such deep impact upon your skin. We all have heard about this well known phrase “our eyes are windows to our soul”. But how we feel inside, reflects so well on the outside has now been scientifically proven. Where happiness brightens your complexion, blues make your skin look dark and sullen.

Well, not just the skin, your mood affects your mane too. Hair become dull and lifeless. Linger a little longer in the funk and soon wrinkles will start forming and hair will start falling. Scary but true. Now here is some beauty science, why this happens and how this happens. I know we love things that are all girlie and easy but beauty requires a little bit of brains too. Learn how different moods affect the look of your skin and health of your hair.

Take Stress and Age Your Face:

How Mood Affects Beauty This is the biggest beauty bummer. Stress causes the adrenal glands to increase the production of cortisol hormone. While, cortisol helps you achieve your tasks and keep you going, it depletes your system overtime leading to hormonal problems like hair loss, acne, skin discoloration, pigmentation and dull complexion.

Feel Low and Blow Your Glow:

How Mood Affects Beauty No matter what the reason but the moment you start feeling low, you actually blow all radiance off your skin. Blues leach all moisture from your skin cells causing dehydration.  Dark circles, puffy eyes, lack lustre skin and dull, flat hair are mainly due to dehydration. Overtime, it can lead to loss of collagen creating fine lines and premature wrinkles.

Anger & Frown, Dig Burrows in your Brow:

How Mood Affects Beauty Ever wondered how do you look when you frown? You actually have to raise your eye brows up high your crown and lower the corners of your mouth down to your neck to construct a formidable frown. Quite a hard work! No surprise, it takes only 17 muscles to smile, while 43 to frown. The tension mars all your beauty, digging big burrows in your brows and pulling down your entire face. Another reason, you should have control over that menacing temper.

Get Scared and Make Your Skin Go Pale:

How Mood Affects Beauty Too much of anxiety, nervousness, unnecessary fear and fretting cause all blood from the body including your face march towards the heart as your mind goes into ‘fight or flight’ response. When all blood will move out from your face, obviously your skin would wear a pale and ghostly appearance.

So the next time you ask mirror mirror on the wall, do a quick mood check deep inside your heart. No matter, what the situation, how you feel, finally it all shows on your face. Laughter is the best medicine, we all know, but laughter is the greatest beauty aid, we now know.

Laughter along with releasing the feel good hormone, endorphin, increases blood flow to the face, making you look bright and radiant. So for everlasting beauty and natural blush, don’t forget to wear your smile high and keep your spirits from falling dry. Happy Smiling!!

PS: The post was originally published on Aug 5, 2013 and here’s the latest update to it:

“All the emotions you most predominantly express throughout your life become visible on your face. All your pain, fears, worries, judgments, and disapprovals finally get written on your face and reflect as the person you are in your heart and mind. So beauty in the most simple words is a choice that you make daily by choosing the way you feel at the moment.”

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Written by Anshulika Chawla


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