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If Looking for that “Perfect” Smile and Better Dental Health, Dental Implants May Be the Answer!

Dental Implants in Canada and throughout the world are now becoming more popular and are a great solution for those who have serious tooth decay or other dental health problems. A dental implant is also known as an endosseous implant and is surgically placed to support either a crown, a bridge or other dental prosthesis. It can also be used as an anchor for orthodontic work in progress.

It takes a high level of skill by a prosthodontist who is well versed in this type of procedure. It can be used quite a bit also in cosmetic dentistry to improve the look of someone’s smile, and as a method to remedy loose, broken, or missing teeth. Dental implants can also be used to anchor dentures for patients who have had all teeth removed.

Loose or ill-fitting dentures that slip and slide are not good for a patient’s overall health and dental implants can ensure that the dentures remain in place. Even if dentures are properly fitted initially, as an individual’s age, the gums may shrink, and the dentures can become loose and misaligned. This can lead to poor nutrition, gagging on food, embarrassment over the sliding when speaking, and even difficulty speaking properly.

Dental implants for those living with missing or impaired teeth can be a great solution to purchasing a whole new set of dentures. Individuals lose teeth for a variety of reasons, including accidents, so the longer one has a set of dentures, the less well-fitting they might become, and several denture replacements can be costly over a lifetime.

Anchoring dentures with dental implants for patients can make a world of difference in the enjoyment and functionality of the dentures and extend the lifespan of the dentures.

The cost of dental implants in any area depends on the amounts of implants needed (one or a whole mouthful), the region itself economically (higher-end prices everywhere), and the type of implant materials used. There are many factors that must be considered when deciding upon getting dental implants.

A dental implant overall is an artificially made tooth root. The cost of any dental implant procedure varies everywhere in Canada and other industrialized countries, as there are so many factors to consider. The implant is attached surgically right into the jawbone and the amounts of teeth needing replacement as well as the health of the jawbone do come into play. Some dental implants must be joined to other teeth also if a tooth that is being replaced does not have enough jawbone to support a dental implant.

Costs of dental implants have been going down as there are fewer individuals now with complete tooth loss. What was once a costly procedure is now more affordable and accessible. In the last decade alone, because of better dental care, fewer individuals experience a complete loss of their teeth, unless there was some type of accident involved.

Internationally, the National Institute for Health does state that total tooth loss everywhere is declining but still is more prevalent in senior citizens. The more teeth that are lost, according to the NIH, the less healthy an individual usually is overall, and longevity can be impacted by too many missing teeth.

Smokers, those on a low income, and those with outstanding medical conditions such as diabetes are more prone to losing teeth and can benefit from dental implants.

Cost, however, is a factor, and many prosthodontists and dental surgeons are now offering financing to assist patients anywhere in any area to be able to afford the dental implants they need. Many prosthodontists and dental surgeons in all areas and countries are now sometimes partnering with loan companies and financing companies in order to ensure that their most needy patients get the dental implants they sorely need.

Insurance companies, unfortunately, still consider it a cosmetic procedure even though it assists in longer, healthier life. This also is prevalent everywhere no matter what the location. Insurance companies do not usually pay for dental implants of any type.

The costs can vary widely as well as finance charges, so before proceeding, any patient interested in dental implants would do well to have a consultation with a good prosthodontist or dental surgeon. Cheaper is not always better as it is a surgical procedure and correct insertion of the dental implant and a clear-cut plan for improving dental health and follow up should be in place before any type of procedure takes place.

Dental implants can be a great solution for those with mild, moderate, or severe tooth loss or other dental hygiene problems. But research into dental implants and other areas should be thorough and precise before proceeding with any dental implant procedure. Like all surgical procedures caution and research remains a prerogative.

Written by Anshulika Chawla

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