Our Favorite 2019 Fashion Trends

The fashion industry is constantly evolving, revolutionizing, and setting the bar for what’s in and what’s out.

It can be difficult to gather a firm grasp on what styles truly defined an entire year when the industry reinvents and redefines itself like clockwork. 2019 was a bombastic year full of fashion surprises and unexpected trends that sizzled and fizzled . From 90s throwbacks to futuristic aesthetics , 2019’s hottest fashion trends were a unique mix that was equal parts refreshing and radiant.

Let’s take a quick journey down memory lane and revisit our favourite fashion trends of the year.

Asymmetrical Necklines
Off-the-shoulder tops decorated all of the racks of your favourite shops and boutique in 2018. 2019 called for something with a little more visual appeal, and thus the revival of the asymmetrical neckline began. Designed to draw the eye to the collarbone and give some flirty appeal to the shoulder, asymmetrical necklines served as a new and exciting way to spice up an otherwise plain dress, romper, or top.

Our Favorite 2019 Fashion Trends

Regardless of how you feel about animal print patterns, snakeskin likely slithered into your wardrobe this year. From leather belts to loafers for women, snakeskin infiltrated the fashion scene in a big way. Though animal prints have always been stylish, the industry hasn’t seen as massive of a takeover as it did with snakeskin. Though 2019 didn’t necessarily say goodbye to leopard prints or zebra prints, snakeskin was the clear pattern winner of 2019.

Dad Shoes
No, you weren’t going crazy this year—some of the high-end hot-ticket items were actually as ugly as you initially perceived them as. Ugly fashion blew up in 2019, making room for oversized, baggy, bulky, and unconventionally designed pieces to have their shine. Though known for being bland, boring, and clunky, dad shoes became a staple wardrobe essential for every self-certified fashionista. From Balenciaga to New Balance, every footwear designer on the modern market seemed to be producing their own version of the 2019 dad shoe look.

Wacky Sunglasses
Funky-shaped sunglasses had quite the moment in 2019, challenging the popularity of conventional wayfarer and aviator shapes. Protecting your eyes in style took form in a number of wild shapes—from perfect squares and tiny ovals to full-blown stars and triangles, sunglasses became the most refined way to shade your eyes and express your style.

Our Favorite 2019 Fashion Trends

Tonal Dressing
Characterized by streamlined colours, the tonal dressing became one of the most visually pleasing ways to dress in 2019. By definition, tonal dressing is the curation of an outfit that uses multiple shades of the same colour from head to toe. Whether it’s an all-red outfit that looks fiery yet polished or an all-blue ensemble that’s cute and classy, using a single colour to create a high-fashion outfit was one of 2019s most outstanding trends.

Rattan Bags
Rattan bags were a must-have this year, making appearances everywhere from festivals to farmer’s markets. Marked by their natural material appeal, rattan bags were easy go-to picks for the warm seasons and graced the likes of everyday fashionistas to A-list celebrities. Serving as the perfect accessory for dressy and casual looks, rattan bags proved to be the ultimate goes-with-everything bag of the year.

Our Favorite 2019 Fashion Trends

Utility Jumpsuits
One of the most surprising trends to blossom in 2019 was the comeuppance of both men’s and women’s industrial-Esque utility jumpsuits. These unlikely jumpsuits strike that perfect balance between masculine and feminine with the right accents and polishing touches. From structured boiler suits to flowy long-sleeved jumpsuits, utility jumpsuits came in a number of interesting forms that appealed to every niche style.

Bike Shorts
Nobody could have possibly predicted the extremely strange rise in cycling shorts. From Kim Kardashian to your yogi neighbour next door, bike shorts made their way into the closets of many. Similar to the trend of leggings entering the realm of everyday wardrobe, bike shorts were paired with everything from sports bras to blazers. Hitting at mid-thigh, bike shorts showed off just enough skin to keep the imagination enticed but remained modest enough for a day on the town.

Who’s to say what the future of fashion holds? As we approach the brink of 2020, we look forward to all of the new fashion trends that are bound to reshape the state of our wardrobes. What 2019 trends do you think will stand the test of time? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Written by Anshulika Chawla

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