Top 5 Reasons Having a Great Smile is So Important

Sure, you may know and think of many great reasons to improve and protect your looks. But do you know having a great smile is equally important if not more to your overall health, looks and well-being? And this is one of the key reasons you need Pearly Whites USA to put that adorable smile on your face.

Well, cosmetic dentistry is actually the art of transforming a killing smile back to its natural beauty. And also it is the science of operating with the latest innovations in dental techniques and materials. That bright smile of yours will always radiate excitement, joy, vitality, health, and confidence. In a nutshell, your smile plays a significant role in the happiness of your normal life.

There are many people who have undergone smile makeovers just to enhance the attractiveness of their teeth. They just want to feel better about themselves. However, sadly, many patients remain ignorant or unaware about the many lifestyle and social benefits of having a great smile and a good tooth for that matter. You just have to look at some recent studies to know the benefits, some of them surprising enough, of having a great smile.

1. Social Benefits

You would expect this. A great smile will always bestow several social benefits-and conversely you should know a poor smile may prove to be detrimental. A study found out that 84 percent of Americans between the ages of 18 and 50 see a beautiful smile as a significant feature while one-third of those surveyed said they’d not love to be set on a blind date with somebody having a bad tooth. The vast majority of individuals surveyed, constituting 85 percent said a person’s smile is extremely or somewhat significant when meeting a person for the first time. It also comes as no surprise that 90 percent of people surveyed said also that those having good smile are always more attractive.

2. Relationship Benefits

A great smile is an important asset in your love life too. Just picture this: a third of 1000 individuals, between the ages of 18 and 50 said they wouldn’t likely kiss somebody having bad teeth!

Ok, this might appear like a superficial means of judging others or picking romantic partners. But you should note that bad teeth also are linked with not only poor hygiene but also low self-esteem. And these are traits people do not look for in potential future partners. But whiter teeth are linked with beauty, health, energy and youth. These features make members of the opposite sex appear more attractive.

3. Intelligence and Success

You should also know that whiter teeth are actually not going to make you smarter. However, they may make you appear smarter. A research carried out on behalf of American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry discovered that an improved smile is going to make you appear more interesting, successful, and most importantly, intelligent not forgetting more attractive. It was during this survey that 528 individuals looked at images of 8 people before cosmetic surgery and after.

The respondents judged photographic images or subjects based upon if the cosmetic dentistry patients appeared more beautiful, attractive, friendlier, happier, more interesting, more successful in their career, kinder, wealthier and more popular with the opposite sex. Not surprisingly, the “After” photos that showed people with whiter teeth received in every category higher scores.

Having a great smile also will improve your self-esteem, and this has a positive influence or impact on just every area of your life.

From the aforementioned facts and statistics, it appears that people with white teeth and great smile appear to be more attractive and successful. Why dispute this. Go get a great smile!

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