Aplava.com Review and Online Shopping Experience

Where are my beauty addict girls, at?

Any guesses?

Yes, at Aplava.com – the new shopping website for beauty lovers and online shoppers.

I recently spent some hands-on time exploring the novel website and found the experience truly gratifying. If you still haven’t checked out the website, here’s a sneak-peak into the latest online beauty products store and my online shopping experience from them.

Review of Aplava.com

First things first, before heading to the website review, here’s a brief about the website and the brand:

“Aplava derives its name from sanskrit origins. Aplava (pronounced “AAp luv” in original sanskrit) means taking a bath to purify oneself. It’s an ablution process of cleansing oneself. Just as the name suggests, Aplava wants to give its customers an experience of divine purity. Beauty is you!”

Ambience and navigation

Navigating and finding my way around the website was quite easy-peasy.

Just head up to the top white navigation bar. Look through the short self-explanatory category names to find what you need. Each category has a drop-down menu to enable you locate what you want. Or you can also use the Search sign on the extreme right of the navigation bar to find exactly what you are looking for.

The ambience is warm and pleasing with a white background. White background makes it easier to locate and see things around.

Personalized beauty service

Besides ambience and meaning, what makes Aplava.com unique from other online beauty stores is the personalized beauty service it offers to its users. When you arrive at the Home page, a top-up box located at the center of the Page takes you to a short quiz designed by a team of professional Dermatologists and Beauty advisors. Answering the questions would create your very own personal beauty profile, which would then enable you to shop for products recommended by dermatologists for your need and skin type.

So no more regret purchases and no more confusion over what will work and what won’t work while buying beauty products online. Whether you are looking for best moisturizer for dry skin or sunscreen for oily skin, you can easily find one matching your needs at Aplava.com.

Full product details and description

Aplava.com Review and Online Shopping ExperienceFor me, the detailed product descriptions and full mention of ingredients along with how to use information for each and every product, makes this shopping website all the more helpful and user-friendly.

Something for your sweet home, man and baby

Another feature I liked about this shopping website is that it has dedicated sections for Home, Men, and Babies. So you don’t have to hop from one site to another buying personal care products for your home and family.

I felt delighted to find baby diapers and potpourris on a beauty product website!

One big thing regarding products

If you are hoping to find some of your favorite drugstore brands like Neutrogena, Lotus Herbals, Biotique, Elle 18, Fair & Lovely, etc., you’ll be in some for disappointment. As of now, the new website does not have full range of drugstore beauty brands. May be I find the dice next time around!

My Shopping Experience

Aplava.com Review and Online Shopping ExperienceComing to my shopping experience with Aplava.com, must say it was quite impressive as a first-time customer on the site.

Shipping & delivery

I ordered for a bunch of beauty products from the website with regular shipping and the same were delivered to my door step in less than four days time. Shipping is free on orders above INR 999 and if your order value happens to be less than that, you are required to pay a standard delivery cost of INR 50 for your order.


All my goodies were individually packaged in bubble wraps and were placed securely in a sturdy cardboard box with an attractive Aplava logo on the top. I felt a similar excitement and joy upon opening the parcel as I would usually feel upon opening a surprise gift!

Aplava.com Review and Online Shopping ExperienceProduct quality

I was charmed with the high quality and latest manufacturing dates of all the products in my parcel. True to their claim, all the products sold at Aplava are 100% authentic and spanking new.

An issue with the parcel and swift support

After the initial thrill of prompt receipt and uncovering of my parcel, I discovered one product missing in the box. I had ordered for two Dove shampoos but happened to receive only one! I contacted their customer care over email and was overwhelmed with their quick answer and support.

I received the product in less than two days time.

Overall Take

Overall, it was a wonderful experience browsing through and shopping from Aplava.com. Creating my personal beauty profile and ordering products recommended by dermatologists as per my specific skin type and need had a pampering feel to it.

So girls, do check out Aplava.com if:

  • You are fed up with harsh beauty store lighting and pushy sales people at the aisles
  • You are frustrated with the dwindling quality of products at other online beauty stores
  • You want to know which product will best suit your needs from an expert or dermatologist

Happy shopping!

Written by Anshulika Chawla


  1. This site looks really great..Let me do some shopping 😛

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