6 Best Personalized Gifts

There is something about occasions and festivals that keep people excited all around the globe. From birthdays to anniversaries, Christmas to New year, Valentine’s Day to Mother’s Day, every occasion has its own significance. And, when it comes to celebrating occasions, it can’t be complete without the ritual of gift-giving. Gifting is one of the best ways to sweeten up your bond with your loved ones.

This gesture really strengthens the bond you share with your closed ones. That’s why, whenever there is an occasion, you always try to ensure the best gift to your loved ones. Don’t you? But, do you know what types of gifts can help you convey your deepest emotions in the most beautiful manner? These are personalized gifts that carry a personal touch of love and warmth to make the recipient feel super special.

So, if you are looking for a thoughtful gift for your loved ones that can emote your deepest love for him or her, find below is a list of six best personalized gifts that can fit into any special occasion:

  1. Personalised Photo Frames

6 best personalised gifts photo framesWhether it’s a birthday or an anniversary or a wedding, a personalized photo frame makes the best gift for any kind of occasion. In fact , out of all the personalised gifts by FlowerAura, personalized photo frames are something that a recipient can cherish for his or her entire lifetime.

  1. Personalised Coffee Mugs

6 best personalised gifts coffee mugA personalized mug is a great way of making your loved one’s coffee time happier. These are available on both online and offline gift stores. You can find a variety of personalized mugs with various designs, shapes, and sizes. You can also get your personal message for your loved ones digitally printed on this mugs.

  1. Personalised Keychains

6 best personalised gifts keychainsFor your loved ones who love driving their two or four wheeler, personalized key chains will make the best gift for any occasion. A key chain designed with the initial of their names will certainly make them feel loved on their special days.

  1. Personalised Cushions

6 best personalised gifts cushionsA personalized cushion is one of the thoughtful customized gifts online because these can be put into use in many ways. For instance, a beautifully personalized cushion can be used as a home decor as well as for the comfort. These cushions can also be customized with beautiful quotes.

  1. Personalised Bottle Lamps

personalised bottle lampsFor occasion like a birthday or an anniversary, a personalized bottle lamp makes a thoughtful gift idea. A personalized lamp can not only be used as a home decor to make the living room look more beautiful but it can turn any romantic date into a memorable one.

  1. Personalised Chocolates

personalised chocolatesJust imagine, when your loved ones will receive a box of delicious chocolates that has been especially personalized for them with a quote that says Happy birthday or Happy Anniversary or I love you, how happy will they be to receive it from you?

So, these are some of the best personalized gifts that ideally fit into every type of occasions. You can find these gift items on a number of online gift stores. If you want to order these personalized gifts for your loved ones in India then, you can check out the wide range of thoughtful personalized gifts by FlowerAura, which is one of the leading online gift portals in India.

And if you think the list is over, we have a bonus tip, especially for you:

Bonus Gift Idea: Personalized Handkerchiefs

best personalized gift ideas hankerchiefHandkerchiefs aren’t as common as they were years ago, but they remain to be very useful hygiene accessories to carry around. If your loved one is fond of carrying hankies (or even if they’re not), getting them a set of elegant hankies with personalized embroidery will make for a thoughtful and unique gift. You can have their initials stitched on each piece.

An even better idea is to have something that holds a lot of meaning for them, such as their favorite flower or their pet, illustrated then have the drawing embroidered on the handkerchiefs. They’re sure to treasure your gift.

Written by Anshulika Chawla


  1. Personalised gifts are the best to gift anyone. Nowadays there are so many options available. Thanks for sharing these ideas..


  2. I love all the ideas. My favourite has got to be the personalized bottle-lamp. It looks very interesting and fun.

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