10 Top Ways to Decorate a Large Living Room

To decide on the appearance and décor of a small living room or even a small place like a bathroom decor poses its own challenges. But when one has a lavish living room and less furniture, the task can seem to be even more daunting.

While large living rooms look luxurious and entertaining but they do not always present a warm and cosy space for daily living. Even if you have the necessary television set and spacious sofas, it is quite challenging to fill up those awkward corners and blank spaces.

Here are some ingenious ways to use that extra space and decorate a large living room for a warm and cosy living environment.

1.Place the existing furniture: The previous sofas and television set should be placed first. Then the existing extra space should be analyzed. You can then proceed with a long futon, a swing, bookshelves, cupboards, artworks etc. based on the layout of the bigger existing pieces of furniture. You can select different styles of innovative sofas or cupboard designs to give a unique vibe to the living room. You can also choose sofa designs for living room from any online or any furniture store.

2. Choose a colour or theme: The living room can be based on a specific theme or colours like pastels, or wood. The furniture should be arranged like that. If the background walls are dark themed the sofa set can be a lighter shade to contrast it.

3. Divide the room: You should always first visualize where you want to place what. For instance, you may spread out the sofas and put a printed rug or carpet underneath to create a centre conversational place. You may decide to put two or three chairs, a bean bag, a futon couch, a swing or stools separately scattered in different corners of the room to create more comfortable conversational zones. It all depends on the idea of the living room you have in your mind and you create that picture with your space.

4. Place the big furniture pieces first: When decorating your living room, you should always proceed with placing the bigger pieces first like the television set, the main carpet, sofa and then move towards the finer details. Vases, pictures, wooden canvasses, other delicacies can fill up the corners and spaces in no time. TV stands and wooden cupboards also should be decided on first. TV stand designs are available in many materials and styles even with built-in cupboard and racks.

5. Consider the height of the room: If the ceiling is high, you should invest in high shelves, a big wooden clock or lamps, or maybe a chandelier to brighten the room. Because if your room is high and items of furniture are short in stature, they’ll look dwarfed giving a weird look to the entire space.

6. Lighting and ceiling: In a low false ceiling, proper lighting or maybe a creative lampshade, etc. does the trick. It may throw patterns and shadows throughout the room. And it may also give the room a fuller image.

7. Double up some pieces: You can also double up some pieces of furniture to fill up extra spaces. For instance, placing two futon couches on two sides of the room or placing them together on a big corner. Similarly, a pair of bean bags, or sofas, or lamp shades would not only fill up empty spaces but would make the place the place brighter and symmetrical.

8. Avoid wall-hugging furniture: The sofas or any chair, if it is pushed to the walls make the centre space very empty. Though it can be filled up by tea tables or any other couch, try avoiding pushing the furniture to the walls.

9. Replicating prints or patterns: Decorating the windows with printed curtains, or having patterned pillows gives an edgy feel to the living room. The prints make the room look brighter and full.

10. Large artworks or sculptures: If you have a large living room, try to avoid buying small frames or little showpieces. Having a large painting on the wall or a large showpiece, or a huge cupboard, etc. instead would not only fill the extra space but would create a sense of balance and aesthetics.

So you see, the prospect of decorating a huge living room is not as daunting as it may seem to be. With a little bit of creativity, imagination and tact, you can easily decorate a large living room even on a low budget. Do-it-yourself graphical pieces are also an innovative way to jazz up the modern living room.

Written by Anshulika Chawla


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    Great article. Your tips are priceless.

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    The main role is played by lightings of indoor and outdoor. that’s why hotel and restaurants focus on lights

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