Gifts for Women: The Ones that will Never Let You Down

Buying a gift for someone close to you is mostly guesswork unless you have asked the person directly and you know exactly what she wants, which is actually not a bad idea in some situations. In case you are not comfortable taking that route, or you would rather keep it a surprise, you will have to be quite careful.

Depending on the kind of person she is, or the type of relationship that you share with this woman, she may not tell you anything directly on your face but rest assured that you will know when you have made a bad choice. To help you avoid wasting money on gifts that probably won’t matter to her, here are a few ideas that generally never let men down.


Jewellery is never an appropriate gift when it’s a colleague or a business associate, but when it’s someone close to you, very few things can compete with a well-crafted piece of jewellery.

Gifts for Women: The Ones that will Never Let You DownWhite gold, yellow gold or sterling silver comes recommended as the choice of metal because platinum is just not a sturdy enough material that’s worth the exorbitant price tag. The only thing you need to be sure of is the jeweller because unless it’s an authentic and reputed seller, you will have no idea whether it’s blue sapphire or blue glass on that pair of stunning white gold earrings you just dropped a few thousand dollars on!

Shoes from Designer Brands

Do shoes from luxury brands cost quite a bit? Yes, they do. Do they make great gifts for women? Most certainly!
SSENSE has an entire collection of shoes from the world’s top designer brands and some of them like the crushed mules from Balenciaga is just drop-dead gorgeous, while others like the Balenciaga sneakers are innovative trendsetters in their category.

Gifts for Women: The Ones that will Never Let You DownWhen you come home with a pair of Balenciaga sneakers or a pair of crushed mules in red velvet, rest assured that you are carrying an instant winner on your hands. SSENSE does have a very wide collection of women’s shoes that include not just Balenciaga sneakers, but shoes of all types from the top designer brands in the world, so take the time you need to make sure the design you choose is somewhat close to what she likes.

Bags from Designer Brands

If you have a fashion-conscious wife or girlfriend, it is very likely that you have had the chance to experience her obsession with bags and shoes firsthand in the mall. It is time to put that hard-earned experience to work and get her a bag from a designer brand that she likes.

Gifts for Women: The Ones that will Never Let You DownStick with a classic design from any of the top brands like Balenciaga or Louis Vuitton and you are safe, even if you do not necessarily understand anything about bags! Also, at least make sure whatever it is that you are gifting her isn’t already in her collection.

If you can think of anything that’s even better than the ones on this list and you can afford it too, you probably had nothing to worry about anyway! For the rest of the husbands and boyfriends out there, this is a guide that you can rely on to help you find the perfect gift for that perfect woman in your life.

Written by Anshulika Chawla

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