10 Top Ways to Decorate a Large Living Room

Personal style and home decor style are not two things that people think of as being similar, but just because it’s two different types of style, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have any similarities. How many times have you been out, to either a clothing store or a home decor store, and saw something that reminded you of a certain person? I’m sure we’ve all done it. That’s because that particular item was a reflection of their style.

If you think about it, that’s really how people go about choosing gifts for other people. The gifts might not be a gift reflective of style, but that particular gift is reflective of some kind of quirk about that person. You’ll see something and think “oh he would LOVE that!” or “I can totally see her wearing that!” Those are instances we all have, but never really put too much thought behind it.

A lot of the times, the way you dress and the colors you wear can be found in your home decor. If you are someone who wears a lot of neutral colors, you’ll more than likely have those neutral colors in your home as well. Someone who lives a minimalistic lifestyle, will often time show it in the way they dress.

A person living a minimalistic lifestyle typically doesn’t wear clothes that are very flashy or bright in color. They stick to neutral colors and don’t really branch out into patterns and designs.

Did that make you scratch your head a little? Or do you need a little more proof to turn you into a believer? Well, in case you need a little more evidence on the similarities between personal style and home decor style, check out these top similarities between the two styles.

Your Furniture Pieces are Reflective of Your Articles of Clothing

When it comes to fashion, the articles of clothing is what makes things fashionable. To be a little more specific, you have shirts, pants, blouses, shorts, and skirts. Those articles of clothing are what makes your outfit. In the home, your furniture pieces include beds, couches, tables, and chairs.

Can you see the similarities there? From the clothes to the furniture pieces, those are the main items needed to create a certain look and to make a room a specific type of room. Without them, the room and body would be bare.

Your Fashion Accessories are Reflective of Home Accessories

When you think of fashion accessories, what comes to mind? Fashion accessories typically include jewelry, belts, purses, and shoes… pretty much, your fashion accessories are those last finishing touches that complete your look. That same concept applies in home decor.

When you go to decorate a room, you bring in the big furniture pieces first. Once you get those pieces placed, then you start to place the accessories. Home decor accessories include your lamps, rugs, throw pillows and knick-knacks. You need to be sure that your accessories fit the entire look of the room. You want complementing pillows for your couch, and lamps that can set the tone and mood of a room.

Your Eyes are Reflective of Windows

You’re probably thinking how in the world do these two things similar! Well, you have to think about the eye’s purpose, which is to allow you to see. Eyes and windows both allow you to see and perceive the world around you, whether you’re looking through your eyes or looking through a window in your home.

Just as both allow you to see, both are also adaptable in style. For your eyes, you can dress them up in glasses or sunglasses, but you can really dress them up in eye makeup! Depending on the colors you’re wearing, you can make your eye-shadow match your entire outfit. For a more dramatic look, you can wear a smokey eye. You can also wear an eye-shadow palette that offsets the colors of your outfit to really make your eyes pop.

The same applies to the windows in your home. You can dress your windows up in curtains, blinds, or drapes! Drapes are great for if you want to give your living space a more dramatic look, while curtains and blinds are for an everyday look.

Written by Anshulika Chawla

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