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If you’re a regular reader of my blog you know I’m a big fan of French skincare and Korean beauty. But despite being a skincare afficianado and a beauty blogger, I must admit, I was pretty much unaware of the amazing benefits and effective technologies of Japanese beauty products.

A few months back, I happened to watch a viral video about a 50 year old Japanese model Masako Mizutani, who looks like a 20 year old. Fast forward, days of intensive market research and extensive studies, I made the discovery, J-beauty is as cutting-edge or in some ways even better than K-beauty!

What makes Japanese Skincare Products so special?

natural ingredients in Japanese Skincare ProductsSince, the ancient times Japanese women have been admired for their youthful appearance and porcelain complexions. A Japanese guy himself has admitted on Quora that “looking younger, even just a little, is practically a national hobby in Japan.”

No wonder, to cater to this national interest and derive customer satisfaction, Japanese products are designed to act immediately and provide visible benefits. These are the products, prepared only from natural ingredients. The Japanese beauty product manufacturers very carefully select the ingredients.

They do not rely on harmful chemicals and other ingredients that may cause potential side-effects. These Japanese beauty products are prepared from herbs, roots, rice, and other organic ingredients that work really well when it comes to supplementing the skin.

Where we usually follow a three-step routine of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing the skin and this routine includes products, which are highly promoted but designed to offer short-term benefits. The Japanese follow an eight step skin care routine.

Though you may think it is a tiring routine, the Japanese products work really fast and nourish your skin perfectly to improve its natural appeal. Japanese women are pretty cautious about choosing skin care products.

They do not try anything that may affect the natural texture and glow of their skin. That’s why they always look younger than their actual age. If you’re interested in Japanese skincare like me, is a great place to try Japanese products.

Why Sakura Cosme?

 online portal for best Japanese skincare productsSakura Cosme is a unique platform that provides only Japanese skin care products. In other words, it is a platform where you can search and find every skin care solution that is popular in Japan for its effectiveness.

Also, while there are several Japanese beauty brands that produce myriads of skincare products, Sakura Cosme provides only top quality Japanese skin care products, produced by the most reliable brands in Japan. These products are sold at a very competitive price, when compared to other online portals.

Which products you should try?

best Japanese skincare to tryOnce, you have made the decision to try Japanese cosmetics, choosing a perfect one can be a bit daunting. Just like any other country, Japan also features many cosmetic product manufacturing brands.
Several brands operate there to supply high-quality skin care and beauty products. You may probably get 50+ options if you search on Amazon. There might be some paid positive reviews to draw your attention and sell the product. What if you actually buy a random Japanese skin care product online, try it, and do not experience any positive benefit?

It will be quite a dreadful experience because thus your view about the Japanese skin care routine and products will change. You may start thinking that Japanese products are also as useless as the products produced by highly promoted western brands.

You can experience benefits only when you will try top quality Japanese skin care products, produced by the most reliable brands in Japan. Here are some top selling or best Japanese skin care products you can try to slow down the aging process:

Melano CC Medicated Blemish Treatment Whitening Lotion:

best Japanese skincare to tryCommonly known as Melano CC, this skin whitening lotion provides a quick cure for skin blemishes. Unlike other body lotions, Melano CC is watery and colorless. The first time users always like it because it is non-sticky and pretty efficient when it comes to curing blemishes. Use this lotion regularly and your skin will gain its natural color. The blemishes on your cheek will cure very quickly and you will no more need makeup to hide them.


best Japanese skincare to tryYou may probably know what the sake is. It is a Japanese wine, prepared from rice and tastes pretty amazing. Kiku-Masamune is a Japanese sake brewing company that produces several varieties of sake. This Kikumasamune is a skin hydrating lotion, prepared from sake and other natural ingredients. The Japanese people have always used sake and its byproducts for skin care. This hydrating toner offers quite similar benefits. You can apply it daily and to keep your skin hydrated and nourished. It may smell like sake for a few minutes after applying but soon that fragrance will go away and you will get soft and glowing skin.

Sana Nameraka Honpo:

best Japanese skincare products Sana Nameraka HonpoSana is one of the leading cosmetic product suppliers in Japan and surrounding nations. The Sana Nameraka Honpo is soy milk based moisturizing lotion produced by this brand. You should try this product to rejuvenate your skin and regain its natural glow. This lotion looks like a thin liquid but it is easy to apply and your skin will absorb it very quickly. Use it daily on your skin and it will appear perfectly hydrated and smooth like you a young person.

Hada Labo Goku-jyun lotion:

Hada Labo Goku-jyun lotionHada Labo gokujyun lotion is probably the most popular Japanese skin care product in the western countries nowadays. People like it for various different reasons. First of all, its quality is awesome and it works exceptionally well when it comes to slowing down the aging process. It is an ultra lightweight lotion that acts as a supplement for dry and dehydrated skin. There will be no risk of blemishes and acne if you use this product. Try it only once in a day and your skin will look hydrated throughout the day.

PS: Sakura Cosme is selling all the listed products at very discounted prices. You can check their prices on other online platforms and you will find that other e-stores are charging more for the same products. So, go grab them!

Written by Anshulika Chawla


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    While Korean skincare favors moisturizing and anti-inflammatory substances like green tea, hyaluronic acid, Camellia Oil, and Aloe Vera, Japanese skincare favors moisturizing and anti-inflammatory components like green tea, hyaluronic acid, Camellia Oil, and Aloe Vera. Thank you!

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