9 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Necklace for the Right Occasion

There are many times you may want to dress up a boring outfit with a nice necklace but are unsure of what type to wear with which clothing. Then you have to factor in the occasion because you don’t want to be caught looking like a gipsy for a job interview.

Other aspects to consider when choosing a necklace would be your height and your neck measurement. This is because when you meet someone, their eyes are drawn to your neckline. If you need other necklaces designs, find jewellery ideas here.

Below are 9 helpful tips for choosing the right necklace for the right occasion.

1. Consider the Event

For fancy affairs, you will want to choose a necklace that is not too loud or gaudy. A large pendant on a thick chain is not going to fit with a beautiful beaded dress or even a little black dress. Also, leave the costume jewels for costume parties or running around town in jeans.

These types of necklaces tend to look cheap and would not look right at an extravagant event. Choose something understated for casual occasions, work wear and funerals. You do not want to stand out because you have a larger-than-life type dangling gem hanging around your neck.

9 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Necklace for the Right OccasionWhen in doubt, wear a thinner chain and a small charm or gem that matches your clothing without drawing too much attention to itself.

2. Consider Your Clothing Colours

When it comes to clothing and matching a necklace, you don’t want to clash with something of a totally different colour. When choosing a chain or a gem, try to stay close to the colour of your clothing. A small gem of a similar tone as the colour of your dress or pantsuit is ideal; however, you can mix colours if they are a secondary colour.

If you need help with colours, look at the colour wheel. This will show the primary colours, blue, red and yellow. These are the hues that can be combined to make all other colours. The secondary colours are those that combine one of these three hues to create another colour. A secondary colour would be green, which is a mix of yellow and blue.

3. Consider Your Shirt’s Cut

Blouses and tops have various necklines of their own, and you should choose your necklace in order to compliment this type of neckline. You don’t want to wear a choker style necklace with a turtleneck style shirt, but this style of the necklace would be ideal for a sweetheart neckline. A sweetheart neckline is fancy and curved without lace or elaborate edging.

A scoop neck and a crew neck style top should have a matching necklace. This means the choice of necklace should follow the line of the blouse or go just a little below.

4. Consider Your Height

When picking out a necklace, consider your height. Women who are over 5’7″ can wear longer necklaces because their torso is longer. This size of jewellery will help to minimize their height instead of elongating it.

Women who stand under 5’3″ should stick to shorter necklaces because longer ones will shorten their torso. Then they may appear even shorter. Shorter necklaces range from 10 to 16 inches. Longer ones can be purchased in sizes 16 to 20+ inches.

5. Consider Your Neckline Measurement

Having your neckline measurement is helpful when purchasing a necklace online. It will give you the best idea of where a chain will sit around your neck.

9 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Necklace for the Right OccasionYou measure around your neck so you can tell where a piece of jewellery will sit on your collarbone. Using a flexible tape measure, like the ones seamstresses use, you want to wrap it around your neck loosely, not tightly. You can also use a piece of string or yarn to measure your necklace length. This will also allow you to experiment with different sizes without having to purchase several chains.

6. Consider Your Other Jewelry

When pairing a necklace with earrings, you want them to either match or compliment each other. When they are the same shape, it can become overwhelming.

Think about round stud earrings and a little, larger pendant in a diamond shape. These will balance each other and not be all-consuming as the same shape. Don’t be afraid to mix metals. Gone is the time when no one would wear silver with gold, but today, they are side by side on the same piece of jewellery.

7. Sparkle and Color

If you combine a simple one colour necklace with some sparkly diamond earrings, this will make a fantastic pairing. A single colour gemstone for this pairing would be better than a two-toned or multi-coloured pendant.

Another way to pull off this look is to have a larger sparkling diamond on the necklace and the single colours on the earrings. This type of pairing would work better for a fancy dressed type affair. The clothing would also have to be only one colour or black so as not to clash.

8. Frame Your Face Shape

When choosing a necklace, think about the shape of your face. If you have strong cheekbones and an angular face, choose a necklace with a length of 10 to 16 inches. Opt for a shorter necklace if you have an oblong, heart-shaped or rectangular, shaped face. The shorter necklace, without any gems or pendants, will soften the longer jawline.

For a round face, wear a longer necklace to help add depth and elongate your face. Again, opt for a thicker necklace without any gemstones or flashy pendants.

9. Consider Your Body Shape

The eyes of the person in front of you are drawn to a necklace, no matter the size. So, if you are thin and tall, choose a long-chain style necklace. This will accentuate your thin waist nicely. If you are shorter, curvaceous and thicker, wear a necklace that sits higher on the collarbone as the eyes will be drawn there.

9 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Necklace for the Right Occasion

With a little forethought, you can create a nice line between your clothing and your choice of a necklace.

Written by Anshulika Chawla


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