ways to reduce stress from your daily life

Stress comes in all different shapes and sizes. And stress is just a part of life that cannot be avoided. But just because it can’t be avoided, doesn’t mean that you have to allow stress from your daily life to drag you down into the pit of poor health and sullen looks. There are many things you can do to manage the way stress affects your body and look great:

1. Get a Massage

ways to reduce stress from your daily life

There’s nothing more relaxing than getting a massage or a spa treatment regularly. If you have a particularly stressful life, a trip to a spa-like lovoirbeauty.com can help turn your stress frown upside down. Allowing a licensed massage therapist run your muscles into relaxation can help clear your head so that you can come to whatever has you stressed with fresh eyes. Regular massages can thus not only help reduce anxiety and help you sleep better, but also give you perfectly toned and taut skin as an added bonus.

2. Exercise

ways to reduce stress from your daily lifeNot only will exercise help keep your body healthy, but it will also help keep your mind healthier and skin glowing! Exercise creates quite a few feel-good hormones and endorphins. Cortisol is a hormone that the body produces when you are stressed. If you don’t have enough time in between stressors, you can end up with a surplus of cortisol in your body. Too much cortisol doesn’t make you feel good, but exercise is a great way to get rid of that excess cortisol and stress so that you can not only just feel better and survive but also look better and thrive! You can walk, run, go to the gym or do yoga, just get active.

3. Deep Breathing

ways to reduce stress from your daily lifeDeep breathing from breathing app, meditation and mindfulness are very instrumental when it comes to coping with daily stressors. It allows you to take a moment to yourself and can temporarily lower your blood pressure and help to get rid of excess stress hormones that can weigh you down. Deep breathing can give you the space to clear your head by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system to promote a state of calm in your body. Quieting your mind is beneficial when you’re feeling overwhelmed and its benefits can be felt very quickly.

4. Pet a Pet

ways to reduce stress from your daily lifeHave you ever heard of therapy animals? Well, spending some time with your pet can significantly reduce your stress levels. Stroking your cat’s back or petting your dog’s head can do a lot to relieve stress and take your thoughts off of whatever is stressing you. The hormone epinephrine (another stress hormone) has been known to be lower in pet owners. So take a little time out with your pet and feel the stress melt away.

There are many things you can do to reduce the effects stress has on your daily life. Too much stress takes a lot of life out of living and it’s always a bit of a downer. Getting your mind off of the source of your stress will do a lot for your mental clarity, physical fitness, youthful skin while giving you the ability to navigate your home and work life. Try some of these stress busters to help lighten up your day and look great.

Written by Anshulika Chawla

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