Vaseline Healthy White Lightening Lotion

The Story Behind:

With summers at its peak, the first casualty of the season is always my skin. Just as the summers arrive, my skin starts getting dark and dry, leaving me with no choice but to stick to lightening lotions and brightening balms. And this time, I’m trying to pamper my parched skin with Vaseline Healthy White Lightening Visible Fairness Lotion.

Although, Vaseline Body Lotion is an old favorite, it’s the first time I have got the Healthy White version to lighten my skin tan. Two weeks now and it has already become an essential ingredient of my daily bathing routine. Read the review to discover more about this beauty.

Price: 204/-

Quantity: 300 ml.

My Experience with Vaseline Healthy White Lightening Lotion

Since, pink is my favorite color and I am automatically drawn towards everything pink and pastel, I instantly fell in love with the light pink color packaging of the body lotion. The product contains Skin Illuminating Minerals, Yoghurt Serum and Vitamin B3 to visibly lighten the skin. The product also contains triple sunscreens to prevent further darkening of the skin.

Another thing I liked about the lotion is its light watery consistency, which is perfect for summer season. It is slightly pinkish in color with a hint of foundation. Probably it is the slight tinge of foundation that gives the skin an instant bright look. And it is also this hint of foundation that makes this lotion a little difficult to blend. You really have to rub it in to merge the product in your skin.

While, the lotion has not lightened or whitened my skin in the real sense, it does provide necessary hydration and visible fairness to the skin. Considering, Vaseline to be a drug store brand, I did not even have much high expectations from the product.


  • Inexpensive and easily available
  • Contains Sunscreens
  • Pink pigments impart a radiant touch
  • Light consistency makes it perfect for summers
  • Pleasant feminine fragrance
  • Attractive pink packaging


  • Does not visibly lightens the tan in single usage as per claim
  • Does not blends easily
  • May not be suitable for dry skinned beauties

Rating: 3.5/5

Will I Repurchase : No. I will look for some more effective product that actually lightens the skin.

Final Take:

Overall, it’s a good product from Vaseline. It is decently priced, attractively packaged and perfectly suits Indian skin in Indian summers. Indian skin has a tendency to look dull and dark in summers. Vaseline Healthy White Lightening lotion not only illuminates the skin instantly but also contains sunscreens to prevent further darkening. But if you are looking to lighten or whiten your complexion with this lightening lotion, you are in for disappointment.


Written by Anshulika Chawla


  1. I want an old vaseline healthy white. The new packaging with speciality like lightening, instant fair didn’t suit in my face. The old vaseline healthy white lotion having triple sunscreen is not available is not available in the market.

    • archana at Reply

      Now m using attitude sunscreen but I felt that an old vaseline healthy white lotion was better than it.

      • Anshulika Chawla at Reply

        Agree with you Archana. Though it has become such a rarity now!

  2. Frankie Boyd at Reply

    I love the Vaseline healthy lighting lotion. Can u tell wht stores I can find it @.Please an Thank You

  3. Insta fair cause skin iritation
    So chek this before use

  4. JANE NGUYEN at Reply

    what did it smell like?

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