A few years back, when my husband gifted me a smart-phone on my b’day, I got super excited deeming it to be my new ‘’it’’ accessory. Little did I know that this trendy ‘’it’’ accessory zipping and whirring in my handbag among my lipsticks, lipbalms, and perfume would become my next ‘’it’’ addiction!

Yes, I am hooked to my smart-phone and cannot imagine life without it. It keeps me on schedule (well, most of the times!), in touch with the world (with email & social media) and helps me locate places, especially while traveling to new cities (with GPS).

Now imagine my plight, when my phone went of order on a recent trip to Mumbai and Goa. I was in Mumbai for a long spring break and just in the middle of the trip, my smart-phone aka my favorite travel buddy cum assistant got infected with a deadly virus.

The virus slowed down all its functions and operations. And it in turn decelerated all my spirit and plans for the trip. In my frantic efforts to get my vacation on track, I called up a local friend to inquire about some good mobile repair shops in Mumbai. But she instead asked me to download an app!

UrbanClap App Review; Lifestyle Services at a Clap!Aha – another app!

Yes, with more and more companies coming out with apps to expand and showcase their products online, the world is embracing smart-phone apps with open arms. Besides using your phone directly for shopping, reading reviews, playing games and seeking style advice, you can now book services online as well!

UrbanClap is an app that helps you find the right professionals in your areas for activities or services you need the bookings. Ranging from home cleaning, décor, party planning, photography, salon services to plumber, pest control, electrician and repair services, there is a professional easily available on clap for all your basic needs!

UrbanClap App Review; Lifestyle Services at a Clap!Isn’t this exciting?

Well, I was first skeptical about the app but when I finally downloaded it (it took ages to download, remember the condition of my phone?) and started browsing, girls it was exhilarating!

Think of your any need and UrbanClap has the answer for it! Since, it was mobile repair I was looking for, I quickly navigated to my choice of service under ‘Repairs and Maintenance’ category after browsing through an endless range of different services.

The app then had me input all the necessary details of my query such as brand and warranty status of my phone, the issue I was facing etc. before asking me to choose the date and time I want my phone to be picked up from my preferred location for repair.

Never thought it would be so convenient to get my phone repaired in a new city. I just had to pay a minimum service charge of INR 300 and my phone was fun and functional again! Coming back from vacation, I wished the marketplace app book me a home cleaning service as I relaxed on my couch examining the cobwebs and dust collected in all four corners of the house when I was away.

But unfortunately UrbanClap app is currently operational in select metropolitan cities. Residing in Ludhiana, this is a major con for me! So even though I am thrilled with my first experience of using the app, I am disappointed with its unavailability in my city.

UrbanClap App Review; Lifestyle Services at a Clap!Anyhow, if you happen to reside in a metro, do download UrbanClap app to make difficult things easy and fun to do; just like clapping!

Written by Anshulika Chawla

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