First Date Makeup Tips

So the heartthrob of your dreams has finally asked you out. It’s your first date and you are feeling butterflies in your stomach. ‘What to wear?’ ‘How to look?’ And blah, blah, blah. Of course, you want to look your best. But that doesn’t mean you look someone else!

So here’s an ultimate beauty and makeup guide to help you sail through the process smoothly and calmly.

First Date Makeup Tips

Skin Care First

As much as you will be doing make-up, the skin needs to be in good shape all from the beginning. Make-up will only be complete if the skin beneath is well maintained. So, why not start early with moisturizers and food that support healthy skin?

The web has numerous insights on what you need to do to keep it in shape. You can exfoliate, scrub and use other ways that make it look perfect. This way, you also gain confidence that all is well.

Choosing Makeup

The choice of makeup will determine how you look. The cheap and low-quality choice will not only give poor results but will also lower your esteem during your first date. If the budget allows, go for high-quality designer makeups that will make you stand out.

Choose them well according to your skin tone and type. If need be, involve a beauty consultant for advice on what is best for you. The right choice is essential as this first date means a lot to you.

Applying Makeup

Now, this is where the real action comes in. You need to have ample time to apply the makeup on your face and dress for the occasion. It should never be done in haste as you are likely to mess up and look funny rather than appealing.

As always, your concealers and primer will come first. The former is done if you have to cover any mark or any blemish on the face. Use of appropriate makeup brushes and sponges is the best thing for you.

Foundations should be done sparingly to avoid looking artificial. You may use CC or BB creams instead for that blemish free bright look. Some of the things to understand is that whether or not your makeup runs out with time. If so, then you will need a better primer to make it hold for longer.

When it comes to the eyes, you ought to be cautious. This is the window to the inner you and your partner will be keeping eye contact as you chat. Overdoing it will not only make you uncomfortable but can make you look exaggerated. Eyeshadows and mascara are good for your first date but they need to be moderate. Again you may be better if you understand more about make-up, so seek the help of a professional if need be.

Last Words

Doing makeup for your first date may be an uphill task, especially for those who are not used to it. However, it is a worthy effort to enhance your look for this occasion. When perfectly done, one is likely to enjoy the date and have a high feel good factor all through.

Written by Anshulika Chawla

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