Achy knees is a common concern among women. While female athletes are more inclined to suffer from a knee cap injury, it does not mean that you have to be sprinter or a marathoner to suffer from knee pain.

Every year, around 10 million women visit their doctor for knee pain and knee injury issues that are not particularly related too sports. You’ll be surprised to know that aching knees in women can be caused by a variety of reasons, some just as common as lifting of heavy objects, climbing stairs, or squatting while doing household chores.

If you too are suffering from achy knees or constant knee joint discomfort, here’s what all you need to know about knee cap and knee issues:

Kneecap is also called Patella which is circular and thick triangular bone that articulates with femur, protects, shields anterior articular surface of knee joint. This patella is more easily found in birds, cats and mice but not often among reptiles.

The main function of the cap is knee extension. This Patella furthers leverage that quadriceps tendons exert on femur. It simply increases the angle at which patella acts. Artificial patella can protect your knee from any damage or injury to the knee. The cap by adding up valuable compression improves blood circulation towards the joints and reduces joint pain or inflammation. You may not know how the compression enhances blood flow. When the knee is compressed, it improves blood flow. Through blood vessels, blood flow increases towards the knee. Knee sleeve is also important part which slides onto the knees. The cap helps in limiting the movement of patella, gives warmth to the knees to enhance proprioception.

Knee cap for mechanical support to the knee

The cap provides mechanical support to the knee and it does something more than just providing mechanical support. It improves proprioception or the capability to sense joint in its position via the central nervous system. Since an injured or unstable knee may lead to severe pain, it is necessary to consider a foot cap. A physiotherapist can also help to alleviate the pain associated with knee. If painful knees interfere with daily activities, do see a therapist for instant consultation and care. The following are the important functions of a foot cap:

  • The cap encourages stability within the knee to promote knee flexibility and comfort.
  • Since the elastic foot cap is constituted of stretchy breathable mixed cotton material, your skin will breathe more. Any sweat will also be wicked away with the breathable cotton material.
  • The material compresses your skin while it is not too restrictive also
  • It is great to choose elastic foot cap as it offers a number of merits. It reduces the rotation of the knee to prevent any discomfort or impact to your knees. During strenuous activity, athlete can wear it to reduce any chance of injury. There is no chance of injury to MCL or medical collateral ligament.

There are various reasons to wear the foot cap

The best part of wearing foot cap is that it pushes the knee back to your normal alignment. When one wears the cap, no force is exerted to the inner injured compartment while the force is only exerted to outward compartment. The following are the benefits of wearing it:

  • If ligaments require healing, wear the cap. It fastens healing process. The cap which is recommended by the doctor offers the needed support to allow healing.
  • It is best meant for joint pain relief. Your joint gets adequate support, becomes mobile. Any damage caused to the joints will lead to immense pain which will finally interfere with daily activities. Wearing the cap gives relief from pain.

Home remedies for knee pain must be used along with the foot cap to get complete relief from pain and discomfort. Look for a reliable physical therapist near you.

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Written by Anshulika Chawla

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