8 Ultimate Tips to Slay the Flawsome You

As women, we are often told that beauty means to have an hourglass figure, no wrinkles, no chubby areas, etc. Because after all, there are flawless girls out there like that. They are young models who end up in magazines and on television or older ones who often reach beauty by wearing a lot of makeup to hide their “imperfections”.

You should not let the “idea” of what ideal beauty is, influence you. You may not be a woman with perfect curves, but you are perfectly imperfect the way you are. As a society, we should embrace the fact that we are all “flawed” in the way that we look. It doesn’t matter.

Here are 8 ultimate tips to slay the flawsome you:

Improve Your Confidence

The key to flawsomeness is self-confidence. You have to be able to look in the mirror and see not just the negative things, but what makes you, you. You may have age lines on your face or a smile that is slightly crooked, you may have a waistline that is larger than most, or you may be shorter than average. You should look past that to see what is good about you. If you focus on the beauty that is you, you will not see the negative stuff as easily.

Hold Your Head Up High

When you are walking into a room, hold your head up high, practice great posture, and smile at everyone you see. Whether you have the confidence that you need to have or not; other people will see you as a woman with self-confidence. People will be drawn to you, simply because you will appear to be more approachable.

Exercise More Often

Even though you are embracing the good things about yourself, you should not forget to exercise. It keeps your body healthy to do it. Plus, you can also gain more confidence by opting to get a little sweaty sometimes. After you work out, you may consider throwing on a pair of compression socks to ensure that your legs do not swell, which could take away from the “good” that you should feel after exercise.

Show Your Excitement

People love to see others who are excited. Use your hands to put emphasis on what you are saying, smile and laugh when things are funny, and allow yourself to be a little silly at times. It is okay for you to act like a “kid in a candy store”. People will flock to you and you will have a lot more fun.

Express Your Creativity

Everyone has something special that he or she can do. Perhaps you can draw, dance, do woodworking projects, or anything else. You should embrace the things that you can do; even if it is something as simple as putting together a creative outfit and then showing off that you are the one who made it. You will get a confidence boost when people respond to it positively.

Get Physical

Physical contact with others is something that we all need. It may be a simple hug between friends or a night of romance with your partner. Either way, you should never run from physical contact. It will make you more enjoyable to be around and you will enjoy the contact as well.

Ditch Your Stress

Stress drains us physically and emotionally. It can lead to poor habits and depression. Leave toxic people behind, quit the stressful job that you hate, and find all the positives that you can in your life. You will soon feel better in every way.

Focus on the Beauty around You

They say, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. This makes it easy for all of us to see the beauty in everything we see and touch. Use your five senses. See the beauty on your way to work when you pass by that old abandoned building. See the beauty in the life that you are living. It will make it easier for you to see the beauty within yourself.

Are You Ready to Show Off Your “Flawsomeness”?

Even if you are not yet ready to see it; you are flawsome. There are great things about you, your personality, and your life. Without you, your family would not be the same. Without you, your workplace would be different. Stop letting negativity bring you down. You can start showing off your flawsome-self today and watch the positive changes that soon come your way!

Written by Anshulika Chawla

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