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Being women, we all endeavor to look attractive to the eye, and will go to any lengths to achieve the superficial attributes of physical beauty. While, looking pretty and attractive is an important aspect of developing your inner charm and charisma, it is not the only factor or the most important one. So even though, the world is full of beautiful women, there are only a few women who have charisma.

top 6 ways to develop charismaRemember Lady Diana, Princess of Wales or the great Hollywood actress, Audrey Hepburn? What comes to your mind, when you first think of these ladies? Of course, we remember them as charming beautiful ladies, but more than their physical beauty, what we remember about them is the kindness of their heart, their gentle nature, and intelligence of mind.

No wonder, even years after their death, people still remember them as the ultimate ladies and as role models for all women. The charm, allure and aura that these women exuded is exemplary, and should be channeled by you, if you too want to develop your charisma and show it to the world.

Top 6 Ways to Develop Your Charisma and Show it to the World

  1. Look beautiful and confident

One important aspect of developing your inner charisma, and showing it to the whole world to behold and admire is by discovering your true inner self and allowing that to shine through your external appearance.

top 6 ways to develop charismaThe road to beauty and the road to inner self discovery might actually be connected and could help each other out along the way. Because one very important aspect of being beautiful is actually being your true self. Making sure you look amazing is not only to make sure that your hair, makeup and clothes are nice, it also requires you to show who you truly are. There is nothing more attractive than confidence and positivity and having that subconsciously makes you more attractive.

  1. Find out who you truly are

That’s why I’d argue that one often overlooked aspect of presenting your inner Cinderella to the world is discovering who you are and who you really want to be. When you discover that, you will not only be able to exhibit that with confidence and also be happy with who you are. It is this inner self knowledge and assurance that adds a special air of charm and personality that could set you apart from everybody else.

  1. Confront yourself

What you need to do to discover yourself is to challenge yourself and make sure you develop as a human being. That’s why I believe that every lady who wants to develop charisma and be the best version of herself needs to make sure there are interesting and fulfilling challenges that she faces in her life. And I mean challenges you decide to face on purpose in order to get the satisfaction of overcoming them.

How to Develop your Charisma and Show it to the World

  1. Indulge in physically challenging activities

The first type of challenge one could decide to face can be a physical one. There is nothing that builds character like physical effort and strain so taking up activities like hiking or mountain climbing can help you continue on the path on becoming the best possible you. Of course those activities come with the added bonus of spending time in nature and getting some natural exercise that could easily rival going to the gym. Spending time with activities like that will make you more confident and relaxed because they will teach you that you have the power to overcome challenges.

  1. Question your beliefs

Additionally, you should not only challenge yourself physically, you should challenge your opinions and assumptions. There is nothing that furthers one’s personal development like putting your values, opinions and ideas to the test. One good way to do that is to consciously search for opinions that contradict your own. For instance, if you are religious, read a book about atheism, if you are a liberal, read a book about conservatism or if you don’t believe in evolution, read a book that supports. You don’t have to agree with the book and you don’t have to give up your beliefs and opinions. Examining a different point of view will invariably expand your mind and could often make your convictions stronger. In this way you will discover what you truly stand for and this knowledge about yourself will build your confidence.

  1. Keep learning new things

And last but not least, keep learning. Nothing hurts the mind as much as stagnation. People that are constantly learning tend to be more charming and attractive because they usually tend to be happier and tend to be interesting people to talk to. If one could quantify charm, those could be good metrics.

how to develop your charismaSo if you want be the most beautiful version of yourself you could be, this is something to include on your list. Learning new things or getting new skills keeps the mind agile and adds to your personality. So don’t be afraid to pick up new hobbies or to start learning new things. You could even get yourself some private tuition for a foreign language or even Maths, just make sure you spend some time developing your inner beauty as well, so it can shine through to the people you meet in person.

Written by Anshulika Chawla

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