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I had always been proud of my mother in law’s skin. Even at the age of 60, she has stunning skin. When I first learnt, some five years ago, around the time of my marriage that she had never used anything on her facial skin, I was really taken by surprise. Her natural glow was impossible to miss.

However, with tough things happening in her life over the course of years, she lost her glorious complexion to fine lines, stress, and wrinkles. So when my hubby asked me what to bring for his darling mom from his last trip to Dubai, I had no second thought about getting an effective anti aging product for her.

As Olay Regenerist Range has six times the amount of anti aging vitamins compared to other store brands, I advised hubby to get the same. The kit contained three products: Olay Regenerist Night Cream, Microsculpting Serum, and an Eye Lifting cream.

olay3Despite my explaining to her about the combined benefits of using all three products simultaneously, she felt comfortable using one product at a time. Quite understandable for someone who had never used any beauty product before! I motivated her to use the Serum first.

Its been almost a month now, she has been using this Microsculpting Serum from Olay and here comes the review.

Price: 1999/- (Hubby got the whole kit with three products under 100 Dirhams, yippee!)

Quantity: 50 ml

What the Product Claims:

The serum is infused with the highest concentration of the Regenerist range’s signature amino-peptide complex and is Olay Regenerist’s most powerful anti aging product to date. Its a fast absorbing and non greasy formula that helps soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improves skin texture leaving complexion looking brighter, more radiant and significantly firmer. The product is designed to lift and reshape the contours of your face with daily use.

olay1My Experience with the Product:

The serum comes in a brilliant wine red color bottle with a pump dispenser. Packaging is cute and travel friendly. Pump dispenser makes it convenient to use by delivering just the right amount of product for single usage. The serum has a very smooth and velvetty texture and gel like consistency. Its pale yellow in color and has a sweet floral fragrance. I loved the texture and instant smoothness it imparts to the skin.

My Mom-in-law’s Experience with the Serum:

My mother-in-law has been using this serun almost twice daily after cleansing her face. She has a normal to oily skin and the product works really well on her skin without any need to follow up with a moisturizer or cream. Since, she is not using any other product on her skin, the newfound radiance and firmness of her complexion can be easily attributed to the beauty benefits of Olay Micro-sculpting serum.

My husband and me are a direct witness to effects of serum on her skin and I can honestly say her skin looks a lot more smooth and firm. Its been more than a month she is using the serum and her face now carries a supple glow. While, we have not noticed any sculpting or lifting effects, the serum has definitely reduced fine lines and faded dark spots and under eye circles on my mom-in-law’s skin.


  • Contains effective anti aging ingredients
  • Very smooth and fine texture
  • Blends like a dream and gets absorbed quickly
  • Divine scent
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Smoothens skin and brightens complexion
  • Fades dark spots and under eye circles with regular use
  • Regal packaging
  • Only a little goes a long way


  • Highly expensive
  • Does not lifts or sculpts facial contours as per claims

My Final Take:

If you are expecting mini face lift in a bottle, you are going to get disappointed with this sculpting serum from Olay. So while, the product does not deliver any magical results it does treat your skin with beneficial amount of deep penetrating niacinamide, skin identical glycerin and a host of cutting edge anti aging nutrients to bring about a noticeable change in the look and texture of your skin.

Rating: 4.5/5

Will I repurchase: Yes, both for myself and mom-in-law again.

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Written by Anshulika Chawla


  1. Seems great…Would love to give this as a gift to my Mom…Lovely review hun 🙂

  2. Good review Anshulika! Your mother-in-law is very fortunate to have such a caring daughter-in-law. 🙂

  3. Nancy Larke at Reply

    Olay Regenerist Regenerating Serum is rightly one of the most popular anti-aging skin care products available of our times. Olay has positioned its Regenerist products as a line that helps regenerate the skin’s surface appearance and strengthen its moisture barrier.

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