Merry Christmas Beauties!!


Wish you all the very best of Beauty, Health, Radiance and Wealth of the world.

May you all glow with each passing day of the new year and realise the most beautiful you.

With this year coming to an end and another year looking right in our eyes with the promise of new hopes, dreams and ambitions, it is time to rejoice and celebrate. It is also a time to reflect and ponder. Today, when I look at Road To Beauty, I feel happy. I feel beautiful. Road2beauty is the epitome of my journey (and now your journey too) to the only goal of my life, to become beautiful.

Growing up, I always wanted to be beautiful. I never felt I was pretty enough. Even when somebody would compliment me or told me I am beautiful, I never believed those. I could never see or feel my beauty. Over the years, it only got worse. I always saw the ugly ducking in the mirror. The pressure put by images of flawless models on the covers of magazines, TV ads, internet was too overwhelming.

And I always measured my unique looks against those impossible to reach beauty standards. I wanted to be perfect size zero, I wanted to look my best at all hours of the day, I wanted to have lustrous hair, flawless skin, perfect teeth and perfect everything. And in my quest for perfection, I failed to see my own beauty, I failed to see my own gifts, I failed to see what people liked and appreciated about me.

Most of the times I was critical, never allowing myself to see and appreciate all those wonderful things that made me beautiful. So in this post of today, the only message and the only beauty tip I want to share with you all is to stop criticizing yourself and appreciate all the wonderful talents you have and all the beautiful things you have done that make you a fabulous person.

Its only when you accept your imperfections and appreciate your gifts, you become beautiful!

You are filled with love and you begin to glow. You notice. People notice!

beauty 2Beauty is not about perfect skin, hair, teeth, and silhoutte. It is not even about being the prettiest person alive. Beauty is all about love, appreciation and confidence. The moment you accept yourself, hold your head high, and project your strong belief in your gifts, you feel and look beautiful.

So lovelies, begin this new year with a smile and a sense of celebration of how beautiful and wonderful person you already are, have always been and will remain to be.

Here is your Christmas gift from Road2Beauty:



Written by Anshulika Chawla


  1. Hey hun…Wishing you a Happy New Year too…God bless 🙂

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