choosing perfect prescription glasses frames

Glasses are primarily intended to correct your vision, and only then to look cute and highlight your facial features. However, we should not ignore their aesthetic function, since we will carry them most of the time. Many of us will need them for reading, but also for working on a computer, watching TV or going to the cinema.

If we assume that you have finished ordering the glass, the next step is selecting the frame. Eye-wear brands offer so many models, colors, and designs, and make the choice of the eyeglasses “real torture.” To get the most from wearing glasses, the ophthalmologist’s recommendation when to put it on and when to take a break of wearing should be followed.

Many will decide on their own not to wear glasses all the time, relying on a medical myth that eyeglasses can weaken their eyes. Why that is not the truth, find out here:

There are some guidelines you should keep in mind when choosing the frame for glasses, primarily the shape of the face. If you don’t adjust your frame to it, apart from being aesthetically unacceptable, the glasses can bother you when you put it on.

choosing perfect prescription glasses framesBalance Square Face with Big Glasses

People with accented facial features, such as those with a square or diamond-shaped face, should opt for models that will “soften” that sharpness. If you don’t want to look too strict and tough, you should avoid a cat-eye frame form that will give your face an angry expression.

To create visual proportionality of face, you should choose oversized glasses that have a highlighted upper part of the frame (“browline” model) as it will create a balance with the jaw, which is very pronounced in people with these face shapes. Or to opt for wayfarer model, which can be adapted to everyone.

The upper edge of the frame should be slightly wider than the face to create the correct proportions with it. Rounded or oval frames are recommended. In case your face is stretched out with an emphasized beard and cheeks, you can also choose completely round glasses, which will visually widen it.

Make a Contrast to Round Face

People with a round, chubby face should make it look visually longer and narrower. The “mild” facial features should be emphasized with “sharp” model of glasses, such as square or rectangular frames. Such glasses give a dose of strictness and professionalism, but they also make a face look thinner.

The tip Payne Glasses suggests is to avoid too dark color of the frame, and always prefer some brighter shades or cheerful patterns unless the work dictates a strict dress code. Then it is enough for the glasses to be monochromatic in some light color.

People of the oval face shape have the privilege of wearing every shape of the glasses. On their face everything is coherent, nothing is too pronounced, and nothing should be extra emphasized. From the cat-eye model to the oversized glasses, everything looks good on them. The same applies to colors and patterns; you can buy several models and wear different glasses every day.

Business or Casual Look

For each age, there are several recommendations for what model of frames you should opt for. Also, the choice usually depends on the profession, but also on what dressing style you prefer. Glasses, as a fashion detail (and as a visual aid), should be matched with the rest of the outfit.

If you are dealing with office work, and spend most of your time in meetings, wearing a suit, the ideal choice for you are glasses with thinner edges of the frame, made of metal or solid plastic. In some darker color, it will be an excellent match for your business outfit while, at the same, it will emphasize your professionalism.

For those with a more flexible job, the choice of models, designs, and materials is quite extended. Creative people should expose their creativity, and experiment with various patterns and shapes (matching the face shape, of course). The same applies to students; they are young, and they are allowed to be “crazy” with fashion accessories.

Frames should be in line with some feature of your face you want to highlight. Although fashion can “dictate” some unusual trends, you choose what you like. If you are purchasing glasses on the Internet, try out a particular model in eye-wear shop before buying it, and then to start the online search.

Written by Anshulika Chawla

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