Women are constantly under the pressure to look as fashion industry has intended for them. You know what? I’m not on the fashion industry’s payroll, so I don’t care what they want. They are putting labels on women who don’t wish to be labeled and put into some frame called ‘plus size’. I don’t know about you, but I always thought that ‘plus’ can only be positive.So, putting aside all the pluses and minuses, every woman should dress to express and wear clothing in which she feels like the whole world is at her feet. Whatever size it is, it is your size, and you have to know how to wear it and how to dress for it.

Fashion is for all Shapes and Sizes

Fashion isn’t and shouldn’t be reserved just for sizes up to 8. Luckily for all the women around the world, there are many plus size bloggers and models who are promoting body acceptance. You go girls! Soon enough we’ll have designers who are creating clothes for all shapes and sizes, as it should be.

2 sizeThe lovely ladies speaking out in the name of fashion democracy are truly making a difference, by explaining to the other ladies and to the whole world that plus is just plus as lovely like any other size. Loving your body is the first thing you should do and the next thing is to know how to style it. Maybe you’ll find some help here.
Dressing the Curves

What those women writing fashion blogs and advocating for equality are trying to say is that it isn’t so hard dressing your curves. First you need to learn how to compliment your body figure. You can do that by reading articles online or measuring your waist, chest, etc.

A better way is, however, to go out, explore, try out different clothes. There is no magazine in the world that can compete with the real deal when you put on a blouse and see how well it looks on you.

3 sizeStart with the lingerie (always wear well fitting lingerie, because the clothes on top of it will look better) and then move on to clothing. You can find great plus size dresses in many boutiques and even online. Don’t wear only loose-fitting clothes. You may think it hides your flaws, but in fact it hides all of you. Clothes that accentuate your best assets should be your choice.

Every Woman Must-haves

There are some clothing pieces every woman, regardless of her size, must have in her wardrobe. Among them is the little black dress. It is no myth that there is a LBD out there for every woman. For a curvy lady, a great choice is a fitting dress which embraces her body shape. The length should be slightly above the knees to elongate the figure.

4 sizeA pair of skinny jeans or black trousers, depending on your preferences, is a great way to show off your legs without showing some skin.

At least one, if not more, maxi skirts or dresses should find their place in your wardrobe. The right cut will make your legs look longer, while not hiding your best assets. A businesswoman should have couple of pencil skirts and fitted blazers.

If you know and love your body, finding the right clothes shouldn’t be difficult. The most valuable advice you can get is to dress for your size. Fitting clothes is the best favor you can do to your body. Remember to always wear a smile, because one size fits all.

Written by Cristina


  1. Great tips, lady! Happy Tuesday!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  2. It’s totally important to find ways to flatter your size without feeling like you have to be perfect. Everyone is unique and that’s what’s special. Thanks for the tips!

    xx Yasmin

  3. Thanks for sharing the Tips babe! I need to stock up maxi dress now! 😀

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